At exactly 4:10am, Mahmood Yakubu the Chairman of INEC, the only one empowered by the constitution to declare the results of our presidential election has acted, thus igniting the mood for a moody celebration in Lagos; a state, his pronounced winner lost to Peter Obi of Labour party during the election. Whether the declaration is constitutional or not, lawyers will tell us, but the court only will rule.

His proclaimed winner, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu while the results were being collated had advised those who may not be disposed to the outcome of the results to go to court. It reminded me of an East African proverb which states: “Whenever a thief encourages you to go to court, just know that his elder brother is the judge”.

The worst stealing that can ever happen is that of the people’s mandate, this though not established, because only the court can pronounce a known thief one, even when caught holding the kid of his neighbour’s goat in a dance at the back of the house. The relationship between the thief and his brother in the court is not the purpose of this article but will be considered in my next article.

Let me therefore invest myself in the constitutionality of the process to establish its credibility or otherwise as presided over by Mahmood Yakubu, the process Bola Ahmed Tinubu benefitted from, so we can know the extent to which our celebration should be heard among the comity of nations.

A check on the word “election” on Google brought some meanings, 1. a formal and organized choice by VOTE of a person for a political office or other position.

2. the action or the FACT of being elected.

In both meanings, emphasis is on VOTE in one and FACT in the other. Putting premium on the process and not the result.

If applied, our votes must be the basis of the election of Bola Ahmed Tinubu or any other for that matter.

Knowing that fact can be controversial when left to individual presentation, the pillar on which Democracy must be built are also the tenets that must guide its practice, which are rule of law and rights of individual citizens. These pillars were crumbled and the tenets abused in my estimation of the 2023 Presidential election.

While result is the climax of an election, the honour of it is the process. Politicians of course are more interested in the results for self political preservation and the advantage of their party, the process can therefore become the scapegoat to make this happen. For all they care, it can be circumvented or compromised as long as their names are heard as the winners, legitimately or otherwise. Let’s meet in court is their rhetoric, knowing fully well whatever prevailed on the umpire can, with the jury.

Section 65 of the electoral Act 2022, close 38 regulation guideline, states; “the presiding officer MUST transmit result to the INEC viewing portal upon the completion of voting at THE POLLING UNIT”, failure to do this is adjudged by the ACT as an act of criminality which must be punished by fine payment of 500,000 or 6 months in prison, whichever the Jury deemed fit.

International Observers are united in their reports of our election. How do we stand in the eyes of the world? What is the new rating of our “fantastically” corrupt nation by the reason of this election?

European Union, one of the credible international observing groups, reported insufficient planning on the part of INEC; the process was also observed to have been marred by insecurity. Naira shortage which we thought was a disadvantage to APC candidate was actually part of the script of winning, we were all fooled until the morning of election when the President voted and showed his ballot for his party to the camera to convince his teeming illiterate underage cult followers voters of where their votes must go.

Our town hall meetings and 1000 naira notes were not just the only thing dyed in blue. The colour of our electoral process was dyed with BVAS and Irev to make it look like what we wanted.

They further observed that abuse of incumbency by various political office holders distorted the playing field. Those guilty of this we need not hire investigators to help us unravel, the cry of abuses from River State was the loudest, if it reaches the ears of God for judgement, the absence of the main actor at the inauguration of the stolen mandate if made to stand by the people will tell.

“The court is the hope of the common man”, but not anymore, its virginity was stripped her, the night the chastity of her judges were raped by DSS on the order of APC led Administration of Muhammadu Buhari. Our blindfolded lady of justice was reduced to a prostitute, the impartiality of the scale in her hands tilted for survival, running promiscuous errands in search of mercy. OnoghenGate foreclosed the hope in our judiciary system when lady justice was thrusted through with her sword.

At 110 ward H polling unit Ifako Ijaye, failure of our presiding officer to upload our results led to insistence. A call made to Area boys settled the matter in favour of those who perfected their art at running away with our mandate on election day. I have the snapped copy of my polling unit result. But where do we get the agent’s copy to present when the presiding officer signed as agent for both LP and APC and there was equally no PDP agent to sign. Now I know what is responsible for his interest at signing for LP, he deliberately robbed us of the opportunity to demand for the copy.

Let me congratulate Baba Ire, an outspoken young man who was brutalized by the area boys for having recorded their violent actions. Along with him is my appreciation to those like me who fought and ran away that we may live to fight this day. To all, whose blood were shed to purchase this victory, rest not in peace until the dream for which you were killed becomes the reality of your living relatives.

To those left to the struggle, please, be guided in the call for civil protest, never forget the civility of #EndSARS protesters with our national flags in their hands and National Anthem in their mouth, they were trampled upon at Lekki Toll Gate, there, at Tinubu backyard we lost a nation worth dying for. The voice of Sanwo-Olu was heard on CNN in promise to bring the killers to justice, the echoes of it, we now hear far at a distance, running deeper into the abyss of trauma.

Does Sanwo-Olu deserve mercy that we denied Tinubu in Lagos? Wide consultation is needed to sustain the institution in opposition politics that Lagos played so well between 1999 and 2015, we lost the strength of Lagos to the drunkenness of power at the center and its intoxicating consequences since 2015. Should we recover her aiming for opposition or let her be? See you at the Leaders After God’s Own Spirit Initiating A New State, LAGOSIANS.

As we prepare for court over the presidential election, please be reminded of the principality on which our hope for justice in the Nigeria judiciary system hangs, whatever ariwoola means in Yoruba will be analyzed and applied to our fate in the days ahead.

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi is an Apostle and Nation Builder, President, Voice of His Word Ministries and Convener, Apostolic Round Table.