Most proven strategy for human mobilisation and coordination stares us in the face from the Bible, yet the church of Christ in Nigeria is lost to both in the space of politics!
I break the power of political bewitchment over our church leaders in the mighty name of Jesus, AMEN!


May the competition to have “my member” to become President, give way to the kindred spirit that will say where is the best of Judah that we may all send him, like Daniel to the palace of Nebuchadnezzar!


Judah was the tribe ordained for leadership by God. The Nation recognized the place of grace in human stewardship and submitted to it. Thus Daniel, Shedrack, Meshach and Abednego all seeds of Judah became representative of all Israel.


Our future; 2023 and beyond shouldn’t be “denominationised” , let’s put the men in the race all up for the test.


There are men of Judah by the spirit of leadership among us, who are not just intelligent, they are made bold by the ‘Lion of Judah Spirit’ in them, never timid at telling truth to the throne! They are loyal to the throne but patriotic to the kingdom. Kingdom first men and women!


Not a single person in aspiration should be given any advantage whatsoever over others. All must be duly considered and the best transparently chosen, the church must present to the nation!


We must teach political parties how to drown party interest for National interest. If all can see the indicators that will point us to the best, drawn in view of our contending national challenges with considerations given to leaders from other faith.


I bet you, the church would have provided the best template for productive leadership evolution in Nigeria!


Our path as a nation will remain darkened until God’s light shines upon it. Are we truly the light of the world? Now is time to shine the light and lead the nation out of gross darkness.