To a die hard Buharist, I am a hater. An APC member sees me as the voice of opposition, while the opposition sees me as an ally, but am I really an ally of the opposition? The last party Membership Card I held was of APC, believe it or not! It is on record and records doesn’t lie! Who am I really in the Nigerian project? 

A tool to be used by the opposition to accomplish their return to power? 

A voice needing silence by the oppressors? 

A leader of the people indeed, or a dealer like the short fuse guy and many others?

Who am I? What is my motivation? What should the people expect from and of me? 

Politics, someone said is driven by Interests and play with numbers. What is my interest for which I am building influence and gathering numbers?

I am a controversy walking on two legs. On the right, I am called to call sinners to repentance, to say “repent for the kingdom of Christ is at hand!” On the left, is a man visited by God on the 10th day of January 2018, mandated for a change of order over the church of Christ and His nation, Nigeria! 

My interest in the political space is very clear, in the order they are stated; the church and the nation!

From me may come the flow of frailty and failure inherent in the human nature. Often times, they may not even look like failures when viewed in the light of self. But when viewed in the light of God’s mandate, prostrate we are forced to lie and cry before God!

These past weeks have been very busy for me. It peaked last weekend. Shuttling between AMA Award events at Marriott hotel and Ekiti Progressive Movement Dinner in honour of Chief Segun Oni at Ibis hotel. 

Oni is to Ekiti what Buhari is to the North, a privilege it is for any party to have him as its Candidate, the hearts of the people are with him, which is very key in leadership. After all the hustle of Lagos, I left for Abuja, for a meeting with the Revolutionary Legislature, Distinguished Senator Ade Fadahunsi to see how we can engage and enlist the National Assembly to push Mr President to sign the electoral bill into law!

I stayed with my son, last born and baby of the house, who is on a robotics adventure in Abuja. His guardian is as loving and warm as ever, making me feel at home, but I had no time to spend with them. I was occupied, writing on how Sanwo-Olu must walk his walk! The Dowen story was everywhere but I gave no attention. The longest time I have ever invested in writing. Reading the report of the Panel, and the White Paper of the Government, then fell back on recordings from the Panel, libel is the greatest fear of friends for my writing, and I have learnt not to leave my back to be watched by others! 

On Friday the 3rd day of December 2021, after I was done writing, I was conversing with a new friend, Adetokunbo Osinowo, a financial expert with such profound knowledge of our economy. From Bitcoin, to Cryptocurrency and blockchain, he was apt. I was the novice in a company of four, perhaps, I should say 3, because the ride driver said nothing. My son dignified the discourse for a dialogue throwing in few thoughts that tilted it from a monologue. Osinowo is an extremely intelligent professional, cerebral, broad-minded and mature, a leader absolutely in control, showing A-rating in emotional intelligence. The ride to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja for my return journey to Lagos was a needed course in citizens’ financial management. I have learnt to multitask and right in the midst of lessons in the car, contacts were made and the story was published! 

On Saturday morning (4th of December), I was on my bed running through my mind who in the political space deserves the venom of ink from my pen when Shiloh, my daughter walked in to talk about the son I left behind in Abuja. Daddy, she called out, Shalom!… I jumped up, what about him? He had a trance. Ok, what about it? In the trance, he saw a lifeless child and he was unconcerned about it until those around called his attention that the lifeless child was his niece! He looked at the body, and it wasn’t that of his loving niece. But every stare and gaze seemed to transform the body to the image of his niece. I asked her, have you shared it with my wife? Please, do. She left for the kitchen to see my wife!

Whatever took me to Amaka Oforbuike a new friend’s page, the story stared me in the face and I found the courage to read, the one written by the mother of Sylvester, I was pricked in the heart, horror gripped me. Minutes later, my daughter was back with my wife, but they had lost me. I was in tears, sobbing!

I got the message from my son in Abuja. Dowen murder had been loud on the internet without me hearing! Eyitemi Taire, a friend I follow on FB had begged that the horror picture of Sylvester be taken off social media! Her lines developed my cold feet towards the story, no other post on it got my attention! Tony Eluba was square on it, I just couldn’t see it. I was too busy with Sanwo at the Toll Gate to look up towards Dowen, until the trance from my boy broke me! Every child is yours, the Lord is saying to all parents, keep your gaze on them till love transforms all humanity to one big loving family, without tribe and religion! 

Lekki is too grevious a sin to be silenced but justice must be our daily pursuit! At Lekki, the Government bullied protesting youths to death! At Dowen senior students bullied an innocent child to death! Same leadership irresponsibility, the Government failed to protect the youths at Lekki Toll Gate, the school authority failed to protect an innocent child! 

Locked in the wardrobe for two days, whatever happened to row call before lights out? Then came to me an alibi of irresponsibility; the closure of the school indefinitely, gave equally irresponsible parents of the murderous kids what they wanted, to pick their kids and execute their evil thought out escape plan for their children! It would have been impossible for those kids to be picked from school if not for the closure. Was this in the interest of the school, other children, or the parents of the culprits who needed it? 

Peradventure we need another Panel to get to the root of this and if “a black root” is found, something we shouldn’t see, it will be white washed with a white paper! Two of the kids are rumoured to have left the country as at the time of writing this article, 2 out of 5 in 48 hours are out of the country! Our smart city had no caveat placed on them, immigration were not informed and embassies were not carried along. The proprietor of the school is rumoured to be an influencer, a player in the entertainment industry, an ally of the power that rules in Lagos! She possibly has agreed to walk for peace without justice with Mr Governor! 

The cry of the nation however is for peace, From Natasha H. Apoti came a cry of sad reminders of what we have become; a beastly nation! Do you remember her? She was the only issue pushing Candidate in the last Governorship election in Kogi State! 

She called us to a walk we must Walk; a walk for Justice!

We must go beyond Sylvester Oromoni, the 12 year old student of Dowen College, Lagos who died from internal injuries sustained by torture from students for failing to join a cult, she said, I don’t know what informed her conclusion on the cause of death, but it is our way!

We have had Don Davis, the 11 year old student of Deeper Life High School, Akwa Ibom, who was sexually assaulted by seniors while the school tried covering up. Glad that the fighting spirit of his mother pushes on for justice! This is Nigeria, the only country where prayer can substitute for process! 

Making the church to succeed in prayer but fail to deliver results! 

Keren Akpagher, the 14 year old student of Premier Academy, Lugbe Abuja, who died of sepsis earlier this year. A used condom was found inside of her. Possibly raped severely by a staff (security or teacher). She died before she could build up courage to mention names. The school stonewalled the investigations. The randy monster may still be lurking in their premises possibly engaging new victims! 

These three innocent souls are our children. We must all join voices and support the call for justice for them! 

May I call the world to walk with us for justice? We all have to walk from Dowen back to Lekki Toll Gate for Justice peradventure we may find peace in the process!

Will I be wrong to say the Government conspired to help them have access to their kids and get them out of reach from the law?

Our walk for justice has been elongated, we must start from Dowen to Lekki Toll Gate!

Where next the walk for Justice will take us, only life can tell! For now, let’s all gear up for the walk we must walk as parents in solidarity with one of us!