My position on Chief Bisi Akande’s book, “My Participation” generated huge public interest. It is crystal clear, Nigeria means different things to different people. To the Oligarchy it is an unnegotiable union, whatever our experience, we must stay with it and if discontented to want to find an escape, then force must be exerted to keep us trapped. To South West dealers like Akande, Tinubu and their likes, it is a deal worth their venturing. But as in every business deal, you need a capital, or something to put on the table in exchange for a reasonable stake, that is the purpose for tribal politics and nothing more, hold to it till you have a seat among the noble “national family” privileged to partake at the dining table, where the meal is served.

Our democracy is an interesting dynamic, made up of the kitchen cabinets, chefs like men, who determines what is to be stocked, cooked and what goes to the dinning table. If you like call them the cabals, to be kept off Government appointments is actually better for them, they won’t need to respond to the public, if a straying Bullion vans berths at their harbour, being Party Leader or Chieftain is not enough a reason to dock them in the court of the public.

You also have, the bar tenders and waiters, dwellers on the corridor of power who attend to the guests at the bar and the table.

One of the many Nigerians who were captivated by my discourse on participation, seeing the need to sustain it to find a way forward commented that there is need for us to define Nigeria, his poser; what is Nigeria?

He went further: “Ubi jus ibi remedium”…..a system with a true democracy….suffers long in the hands of hijackers…

Could it be then that our suffering in this democracy is a proof that ours is a true democracy?

If yes, who then are the hijackers?

Democracy, we all agree is a Government of the people by the people and for the people. The general saying is that in Democracy, minority will have their say and majority will have their ways. So, Democracy is expected to be a system that favours the majority, but can we say the Nigeria system is favourable to the majority? Of course not!

So, what are the issues?

Ours is a hijacked Democracy issuing out suffering to the majority and enjoyment to the minority and their human tools with which the hijack was done and sustained.

Since Democracy is a people centered system, public opinion is key, but ours is a democracy where unfortunately majority have no say for failure to participate and minority no way for participation. Tokunbo Abiru was elected at the last bye Election to represent Lagos East at the Senate by 9% of the electorates registered to vote. A minority representation by every logic!

Pre -2015, Nigeria was 3 times better than it is today. If you doubt my submission, a recourse to exchange rate or market survey of products and services between then and now will prove me right or wrong, I need not win this debate but reality must be established by points made. However, the struggle by one minority (APC) to oust another minority (PDP) out of power must be sold as a project of the non- participating majority. APC propaganda was projected as public opinion to make it look like the majority were up to take a decision against the other half of our minority group. Truth is, the non-participating majority is the reason for the failure of Nigeria. In our majority group are people abreast with facts, figures and even proofs that a particular information being disseminated by either of our minority group isn’t correct, but often time they are too busy with their own thing to care about what concerns and connect the majority.

Herein is the loop hole making their hijacking of the system possible.

Is ours, a true democracy? Yes!

2015, saw the efforts of 5 groups of participants rewarded, they were ACN, CPC, ANPP, APGA and The New PDP, they came together to form APC, but soon after the election, the dynamics of single participation set in, new PDP took control of the National Assembly to the bewilderment of ACN who believed it was theirs by right, by 2019 an implosion has occurred in the new gang in power, it eventually saw Saraki out of Senate and back to “Old PDP”, it saw Dogara out of Reps and PDP to foster a new alignment with APC.

On and on with twists and turns Muhammadu Buhari’s caucus of CPC participation is getting deepened by every passing day at the expense of the other participants. Some fellows have gotten thrown out. Under the moving bus, you are rescued or crushed depending on the group of participants you are representing!

Others in groups aside CPC are daily living in denial of obvious reality, that they are merely part of the number. The ACN caucus are the worse hit, Akande’s speech in Lagos shows a frustrated group begging for relevance. How do you explain the complaints against the President’s handlers who aren’t allowing him much time with the ACN family in APC!

A discerning look into APC appointments and those in charge of running things will confirm that though there are several participants but only one participation which is CPC by which I mean you have to belong to the CPC caucus for your hands to be admitted into the cookie jar.

The minister in charge of the most critical oversight of the nation today, being the Ministry of Defence is occupied by someone from the CPC family in person of xyz. The relevant ministry of police affairs which could provide the needed bridge of effective policing is held by another caucus member from the CPC family.

Ministry of interior is occupied by a CPC convert from ACN, Rauf Aregbesola’s pro-Islamic Ideology naturally made CPC a home for him. He has since become “igi woroko” in APC South West and “aro ka ro” in APC Osun. How peaceful the APC family will be in Alimosho is obviously at his mercy!

Since Oshiomole was thrown under the bus, party leadership has seen the CPC in control, the interim chairman of the party is from the CPC family, xxx the Governor of Gombe state. Substantive chairmanship of the party is looking good for another CPC man in person of Senator Al-makura former Governor of Nasarawa state.

If equity is not the rule in APC stake and fairness is not the play in their family affairs, it is a tall dream to expect a party that can’t accommodate just 5 groups to manage a nation of almost 400 ethnic nationalities!

Amaechi is virtually the only left over of the new PDP family’s investment at bringing Buhari to power. Their efforts notwithstanding, his hold in the maritime ministry has been withered! Aviation ministry is firmly in the hands of CPC with abc.

The almighty ministry of justice and the office of the Attorney General of the Federation is with the CPC caucus, occupied by Malami annexing the bullying dog commission of EFCC with which other groups within are being put under check and opposition bitten whenever the need arises.

C C Onoh is the only reminder of Buhari’s once upon a time with ANPP, with his Ministry of Science and Technology.

Custom Services is in the hand of a complete novice to International trade with Rtd. Col. Hameed Ali, a bonafide CPC man. Do I need to talk about the pro Islamic revolution in the education ministry being undertaken by another CPC member in person of abc.

Manning the ministry of finance is the CPC Queen, Hon. Xyz.

Senate Presidency is given to a Ahmed Lawan another strong CPC man.

A CPC princess was used to strip the most visible member of ACN in this Government in Vice President Yemi Osibajo off portfolios of welfare programme of this Government with the creation of humanitarian Ministry headed by zxy.

It is a mirage for Nigerians to expect a political party where one of the participating groups have hijacked the entire participation process to itself to create the synergy for a united Nigeria! Let’s not be deceived by political publicity, “omi ti tan leyin eja ACN in APC, Eja CPC loni IbĂș.” Any one in hope of anything through APC must search for the CPC caucus and pledge allegiance. That is the reason for Tinubu’s Muslim/Muslim ticket.

It is the reason FFK has hired marabout and prophet praying for Lai Mohammed to be out and he can be in as information minister, for which his loyalty was pledged to the CPC family in APC who ushered him to the Villa. CPC is what is dressed as APC. Until equity finds its way to APC the party will remain an added problem rather than the solution expected. Let those who have ear hear what the spirit of unity is saying to Nigeria!