Life! That was all she wanted, for it she hustled and weekly commutes from Ota to Ajah on Monday and back home on weekends, but the compromised safety protocol of BRT served her death. Premonition was over her on the ride, she spoke so she could live, she spoke all she could, we are taunted by the voice of one calling for help as she was being driven to the slaughter. She spoke because she trusted her friends, family, YOU and all Nigerians, that, even if she was silenced, we will not be quiet! Now her voice is lost to death. We all must speak up for her!

The father in me has not stopped crying since this news broke, we all must be hunted by the meaning of her name “Ba mi se” meaning, “do it for me”.

Fellow Nigerians and Lagosians in particular, are we going to heed the call of her name and do it for her or let her down?

We must hold the management of BRT, LAMATA and Lagos State Government responsible until justice is done.

A cry for Bamise is one for ourselves, if our lives are in danger in government owned commercial enterprise! Then how unsafe can things get commuting in Lagos?

Nothing but a public sitting to interrogate this will satisfy our curiosity. An open inquiry only!