Bismarck Rewane onion’s economy and Singer Portable’s University.

By Bolaji O. Akinyemi.

It was an evening of glitz, glamour and gift at the public presentation of a book titled; “Dairy Of An Outstanding Police Officer”, authored by CSP Lawal Audu, who retired in October 2023, after 35 years of meritorious service.

I had the honour of gracing the occasion as the reviewer of the book published by the Plummet Mission.

The occasion was chaired by a foremost Economist, a face on the tube and an household name in economics related issues, who told the story of how he learnt about salient factors that is “dollarizing” the Nigerian economy from an onion seller in the open market.

Debate had ensued between him and the seller who claimed price of Onion had gone up because of the rise of dollar against the fall of Naira!

Mr Bismarck Rewane, said he found that amusing and didn’t hide his disagreement. The onion seller admitted his respect for him based on his economic analysis on Television but he was surprised that Rewane doesn’t know about the economy of onions in Nigeria.

The market place Doctor of Onion Economy proceeds on his lecturing of one of our sound intellectuals in the profession.

Niger and Nigeria relationship came up as the reason adduced during their discussion by the seller.

The crisis in Niger has resulted in the stoppage of onions from that country into Nigeria cutting down the supply level of onions and opening up the markets in Republic of Benin and Cameron to Nigerian onions, a market that its supply was previously being met by onions from Niger.

This cross border trading opportunity has given onion the exposure of an international commodity and its attendant need of international currency as means of trading.

Consumers now have to pay the parallel rate of the commodity or it is moved to either of the countries where it can earn the locals Dollars!

The humour of the day is in the admittance of Rewane that he learnt from the street in this instance!

This narrative is an encouragement to a farmer like me in the preparation of my paper, Stewarding Monetary System for Wealth Creation scheduled to be delivered at the Apostolic Round Table; tagged Stewards Of Nations holding on the 18th of January 2024.

Let me invite Mr Bismarck Rewane and our elites who often find it hard to believe there is knowledge outside the Island that the Mainland is where the best school of life is and they can come learn from a farmer, nature’s principles for buoyant economy!

Our is a country where the foolish things of the world are confounding the wise. The controversial singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable once said the street is better than the school!

Promoting his street wise approach to life, he said on the way to school you will pass through street same when you are returning from school, putting school in between streets.

The street concept of learning in Nigeria is therefore both pre-school and post school. I think it won’t be a bad idea for us all to start considering enrolling at the street University where the knowledge of onions, pepper and food-stuffs sellers can facilitate our elites of how far removed from the world of everyday Nigerian we could be when we refused to leave our classrooms for the needed research in reality from which every thing seems to be suffering!

The street theory, its learning and application made all the difference in the last election. If life wouldn’t give you what you want, grab it, snatch it and run away with it!

Unfortunately, economy doesn’t respond to this philosophy!

The book shared the grab it, snatch it and run away with it, experience of Lawal Audu, who, during his welcome address, begins with the Childhood experiences, and his adventures away from home in the city of Benin where he became a vagabond. Lawal didn’t have to run against life for too long as the opportunity soon came to run with life on the side of law came his way and he embraced it with both hands and made the best of it.

The review reveals the struggle of a Police officer, who made the decision to uphold work ethics and discipline, regardless of whatever struggles he faced!

It also takes us on a journey into the system of the Nigerian Police Force, highlighting the differences in the Nigerian and Foreign systems.
The author didn’t just engage us with his success story, but also pointed out the lapses in the force, and the roles, of the government, the NPF and the citizens play in seeing the Police department of their dreams!

This book is a must read for anyone who desires to become a successful man or woman in the force, and also for everyone who needs to understand what it means to be Outstanding in their chosen career path.

Audu, I will describe as an Ambassador of the Nigerian Police. If anyone is sceptical about all police officers, they only need to wait until they meet Audu!

Stressing the 8th Chapter of the Book on; The Government, the Police and the People, I recommend this exciting literary work for all citizens who want to live in hope of staying out of trouble!

About Lawal, the author, the last 35 years has been an opportunity for those who met him to encounter one of the finest, fittest and friendliest officers in the service to Nigeria Police. His ground breaking efforts in the service practically turned him into a global cop, with training in Canada, at the Canadian Police College, Ottawa, on Major Crime Investigative Techniques, Risk Analysis Management and Resource Management, applying Strategy, Chicago, USA, Leadership Challenges in Policing, Chicago, USA, Fraud and Forgery Training, London UK, Global Cyber Security Summit, Dallas, USA, FBI National Academy, Quantico the state of Virginia, USA, promoting Cyber Security Training, US Department of States Bureau for Educational and Cultural Affairs, USA, Participated in the United Nations Missions for the Referendum in Western Sahara where he was named the best Policeman on the Mission by the first African UN Secretary General Dr Boutros Boutros Ghali, led a team of Officers to the UKBA, had a meeting with the Department of Works and Pension, Newcastle upon Tyne, DVLA, Swansea, Wales, the Scotland Yard, UK Immigration Enforcement and prosecution Unit, City of London Police, Heathrow Immigration Department, NCIS Vauxhall, London. He also attended 2023 Taiwan- Western Asia & Africa Forum on Regional Security and Transnational Crime, Taipei, Taiwan.

Lawal’s exposure to training locally, includes: Document Fraud Course using a Foster Freeman VSC 4CX Video Spectral Comparator, organized by the British Deputy High Commission, Lagos, Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime Training for Law Enforcement Professionals, Lagos, Advanced Detective Course, Police Staff College Jos, several promotion courses in Police Colleges in Nigeria.

Membership/ Awards:
FBI National Academy Associates, International Association of Chiefs of Police, IACP, International Visitors Leadership Program IVLP, Nigeria Electronic Fraud Forum, Fellow, council of the Institute of Security, Nigeria, Award of Excellence and Professionalism by FIFA World Youth Championship, Nigeria 99, Award of Professionalism by the American Consular General, Award of Professionalism by the Canadian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Award of Meritorious service by the United Nations, Award of Professionalism by Africa Women Lawyers, Award of Professionalism and Integrity by three Inspector General of Police, namely, IGP Ibrahim Coomassie, IGP Sunday Ehindero, and IGP Mohammed D Abubakar, two times recipient of Award of Professionalism and Excellence from Crime Reporters Association of Nigeria. ( CRAN).
Though retiring, Lawal is still too vibrant and loaded to be completely off the hook of the IGP and the service of the Nigeria police. I promised the guest at the book presentation to hand deliver a copy of the book to the IGP.

This, I hope to fulfill on my Christmas day visit to the IGP if he will let me.

Private individuals and Corporate organisations now have the services of one of the best police officers in the private security service delivery in Nigeria!

These are the list of Consulates represented at the book presentation, the American Consulate, the Italian Consulate, The Taiwanese Embassy, Ghanaian Deputy High Commission.

The Canadian and the British communicated their belief in Audu and support for the book. An attestation to his rating as a global super cop. I wish him the very best of life in his retirement. Congratulations!

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, is an Apostle and Nation Builder, President Voice of His Word Ministries, Convener Apostolic Round Table, ART. He is Also the BOT Chairman Project Victory Call Initiative AKA PVC Naija and CEO Masterbuilder Communications.