CCGI: Christian Elders declares state of emergency.

By Bolaji O. Akinyemi.

Civil Consciousness Global Initiatives; a body of eminent Christian personalities, who can hold their own across social strata has declared a state of emergency regarding the Nigeria situation.

The eminent personalities issued a statement after consultation with citizens across the board.

Jolted by the economic situation that has grown from bad to worse CCGI is calling on the leadership of the country across all arms to rise to the occasion and save the nation.

The statement signed by the General Secretary of the Organisation, Dr J.B Odofin stated; “much reactions from the citizens of this country on the current economic challenges being faced which bordered much on hunger at the highest level, unabated insecurity in the land which has created food scarcity, unchecked luxurious living of our leaders and the inability to come up with national minimum wage, the debate on giving Regional/Zonal government a trial, a revisit of National Confab report and Cutting down of cost of governance were among salient matters examined” and considered are enough reasons to declare a state of emergency.

Odofin went further, “After much deliberation, the following resolutions were arrived at with strong recommendation for Federal government’s consideration:

1) Hunger:
A State of Emergency.
That the Federal government of Nigeria should as a matter of urgency declare a state of emergency on food via agricultural activities. Common food seedlings for planting which doesn’t take more than 6-9 months before it gets on the table should be given urgent attention. The government has ready hands as manpower that can be engaged for service immediately. The NYSC members are readily available round the year for services in every State of the federation. In two to three years services in the agricultural field, there would be cheap food at the markets and on all Nigerians’ tables with ease. When citizens can be well fed they will take a second thought to be engaged in criminality. Rather, a well fed man would be searching for where to work legitimately and not how to go carry guns.

The CCGI is of the strong opinion that if the Federal government will put this as top priority, it would have spiral positive effects on security of the land and there would be a reduction in budget for ammunition and weapons every year.
Government agency responsible for national orientation should be engaged in mobilising the nation on garden work around the homes and small scale farming for those who can and enabled to combat hunger in the land.

The unabated insecurity in the land for over two decades is the compromise of the elite leaders in this country because they keep telling the citizens that ‘they know those who are behind the insecurity but haven’t brought any for prosecution and punishment to serve as deterrent to others so it continued to foster. If compromises are stopped and our Gallant soldiers are allowed to work, truly within six (6) months it would’ve been over by now.
CCGI strongly appeal to the Federal government to give our military men the free hand and support to carry out their constitutional responsibilities. There is no need for the recent creation of Nigeria Military School of Islamic Affairs. This will further create apprehension of religious agenda and that may fuel further sense of insecurity and suspicion among the citizenry.

CCGI is of the opinion that no minimum wage can be adequate for now in the Nigeria of today unless the basic necessities like food, infrastructure, light ie power and enabling environment for busines. Except these are addressed, no minimum wage agreement can work.

It is very clear that our current Constitution has gone through several surgical operations in the spirit of trying to amend it for better use but hasn’t been able to put the nation together because it is not One indivisible document but two or more. One for the North and the other for the South and that is why we have unconstitutional ‘Islamic States’ in the North where certain businesses cannot be transacted but the resources from them can be shared with the zones. The National Confab report if reexamined and adopted, many national questions may be addressed. CCGI strongly recommends a revisit.

Leadership by examples is a virtue that influences the populace easily. The cost of governance across every tiers is enormous where the citizens are asked to sacrifice with no pacesetting examples from leaders doesn’t speak loud but their luxurious living speaks volumes. CCGI calls for cutting down on governance and let it be seen to be done by all. In addition, let our politicians approve same minimum wage as the Labour in the country since we patronize same market. The difference should be in the allowances for each added responsibilities of office. If the above recommendations are tried, nerves would be calm and cooperation of many government policies would be easy”.

Dr. Bolaji O. Akinyemi is an Apostle and Nation Builder. He’s also President Voice of His Word Ministries and Convener Apostolic Round Table. BoT Chairman, Project Victory Call Initiative, AKA PVC Naija. He is a strategic Communicator and the C.E.O, Masterbuilder Communications.

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