Our intention was pure and our Holy Book says; unto the pure all things are pure, unfortunately politicians are far from being pure. The sincerity of the church is therefore being insincerely interpreted.

There is absolutely nothing wrong for the church to establish a department of politics and governance, though the word politics should have been avoided and we should have held on to good governance. Now that those who own the word “politics” have shown us the meaning. We must retreat, but the vision must not be surrendered. We must leave politics for politicians. We must keep to our aim of correcting Nigeria’s dysfunctional political system and structure that is arming the worst among us to rule over the rest of us.

Deception is a chain, lies its lock, by both, hands are bound and legs are shackled. Under its operation minds can be held down by unfounded propaganda and consequently nations and generations can be wasted for lack of courage to seek the truth. We can dwell longer than necessary in our deception if truth will not be sought, investigated and embraced.

Beyond political correctness and social acceptance, there is the truth about the state of our nation. On insecurity, though we are all affected, statistics have shown that Christians bear more brunt in this regards than our Muslim brethren, except for traditional, tribal communities where pagan practices are reasons for Islamic extremists’ onslaught, when no sensibility can justify such genocide in this millennium. That truth, we owe ourselves. Let it be told for once. Obviously, we will be bitter for it.

We have danced around for too long. Our moment with the truth is here and my only prayer is, may we endure its bitterness and be courageous enough to embrace it.

John 8:32
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
In Timothy 3:15, Paul the Apostle described the community of believers as the house of God, the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth. If truth can’t be told in the nation, it should at least find expression in the church and must be upheld by truth lovers; men and women ordained to be its pillars in God’s House; you and I.
Let me plead with the church in Nigeria and her leadership to step upon the platform of Truth and tell it!

At The Confluence, a strategic stakeholders meeting across the divide of religion aimed at resolving the impasse intentionally created by mischief makers, the dynamics of love, peace and unity will be examined to help us relive the SPIRIT OF JUNE 12 and establish our search for Mr President 2023 on the principles of humanity and not religion.

This national convocation of patriots will make known the truth to correct misconceptions and straighten the narratives to enable us work together across all religion and tribes to fix Nigeria.
Politics is a game of interest, our interest is not to hijack the country, rather it is to protect our existence and the practice of our religion. If a Muslim/Muslim ticket will fulfil our aspiration why not if not, this of course will open the Nation to the possibility of a Christian/Christian ticket. By and large a Pagan/Pagan, Muslim/Christian and Christian/Muslim tickets are further possibilities.

A better and greater Nigeria is our common and collective interest this I can even say Professor Ishaq Akintola and his MURIC accepts, except he will state otherwise, if all they wants is a country where Islam can be practiced by individual Muslims freely, this can be guaranteed by a robust, secular constitution.

I want to appeal to the church, to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to whose call I believed MURIC responded to with their counter. A statement signed by chairman of the Benue State Chapter, one Barrister Idrees Gambo, read in part, “it is very clear that the plan of our Redeemer FRIENDS (emphasis mine) is to eliminate other religions and turn their faithful to political slaves.
MURIC wasn’t wrong by referring to The Redeemed Christian Church of God as it friend, that friendship should have been proven by MURIC when Redeemed lost a lady evangelist to a gruesome murder with a letter of condolence. MURIC made no public appeal when a bus loaded with RCCG members was kidnapped in Kaduna. But as the saying goes, it is better late than never! That friendship should be explored and proven. Furthermore, MURIC wrongly referred to its friend as the Redeemed Church of Christ Group, instead of her corporate recognition by the Corporate Affairs Commission which is The Redeemed Christian Church of God. I wouldn’t know if this was a mistake or mischief which of course politics allows. We must however push politics and its game aside.
Time to talk is now!
We must talk love, peace and unity in our collective interest at building a nation that works for all.
Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi