The pragmatic way to view issues critically is to establish what the cause of a problem is, what are the entanglements that have resulted from the problem. This line of thought is bound to trigger strategic solution measures; in the immediate, short term and long term.

The problem of Nigeria is multifaceted. But if we are compelled to singularize it, we are likely to be unanimous in a choice of a word to describe it; that word, will be corruption! The root cause of this however is our collective lack of integrity.

Without doubt, APC pre- 2015 had a clear understanding of this and their campaign strategy, contents development and communications aptly captured this. Integrity was the product and change was the mantra.
It was a sell out!

Buhari’s quote; if Nigerians do not kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria, was a hit!

Nigerians saw an incoming team that seemingly knew what to do. Alas, our 8 years with APC led by Buhari was nothing but a “talk shop”. We soon realised that the word clueless that was invented to describe President Goodluck Jonathan will soon look like a nickname. As Buhari will adopt it via his ineptitude as his other name. But if I was told that President Tinubu will fancy it as a surname for his party in Government, I would have said no!

I have written several articles to state the need of the government to project our readiness as a nation to confront the hydra headed monster of corruption to set Nigeria our dear country free! But this appointment is not looking like it.

An individual who had exposure and capacity is not just the need of the Commission. Such person’s life and pedigree must reflect unabashed integrity.

The integrity question raised concerning the head of this administration required an Anti-graft boss whose personal integrity would naturally silence the pundits when EFCC is the topic. The noise of integrity on Mr President in the face of CSU scandals and its attendant global insult this would have quietened.

This Government just lost the only silk left of her opportunity to web its integrity back IMMEDIATELY. Note my emphasis, IMMEDIATELY!

The appointment of Ola Olukoyede can’t provide immediate trust in the ability of EFCC to stem the tide of corruption that is sweeping our country ashore.

Olukoyede joined the EFCC in 2016 as the Chief of Staff to the Chairman who was Magu and served in that capacity till 2018.

Magu’s era was one of the most embarrassing leadership seasons of EFCC. This Chairman Olukoyede will move from serving as the Chief of Staff to become the Secretary of the Commission. If you need to apply the concept of 5 & 6 in football to Magu’s leadership, If he was 5, Olukoyede would be 6.

The push out of Magu began with his arrest and suspension on the 7th of July 2020. Allegedly orchestrated by intra-cabal war for the control of EFCC which saw the Tinubu clique in APC humiliated by the then Attorney General Abubakar Malami’s clique who imposed Bawa on the Commission for a possible messing up of Tinubu before the Presidential Election. Allegations are rife that finding it had to stop Tinubu’s Presidential ambition through existing files on him at EFCC, Bawa was the one who suggested the Naira Swap Policy to the embattled CBN Governor Emefiele with the sole aim of stopping Tinubu whose war chest, not even, the Nigeria treasury could match. This some pundits believe led to the hunting of Emefiele and the fall of Bawa.

Is this an important appointment made to prove political superiority when it is needless or made in the best interest of the nation knowing fully well that there is serious work to be done?

As in of play crisis, Olukoyede 5 and Bawa 6 was thus consumed by the attacking prowess of Malami. But BAT was in goal to save the game and provide the opportunity for what is looking like a return leg.

Though he was suspended along with Magu and was never recalled. He was actually replaced with George Ekpangu. The Presidency’s statement announcing his appointment stated that Olukoyede served as the Secretary of the Commission till 2023. Meaning; he will get paid for the time he was at home from 2020 till 2023, talking about playing on the right side of the field. That one thing you can’t take away from Tinubu, he doesn’t abandon his own. It was further alleged that his being in goal saw to the appointment of Justice Ayo Salami. Little wonder Magu is still on the payroll of the Nigerian Police.

Though he was accused of corruption along with his then Chairman and detained with him for the same, a Government burdened by a prostrate economy as a result of corruption will find no one but one with the scar of corruption allegation.

It beat my imagination that such an individual will make it through.

With the immediate opportunity to make strong impression and build confidence lost, Olukoyede will obviously have to triple his efforts for a short time impact that must be made in as short as 3 months.

There are controversies on qualifications being stirred up, the strongest is the clause requiring that the person to be appointed as EFCC Chairman must have had at least 15 years working experience with any security agencies of government. If EFCC as is accepted as his first point of security exposure, 2016 to 2023 is just 7 years, less than half the years stipulated by law. If the Senate is worth its salt, this is enough to provide another stalemate refusal of confirmation that saw Magu rejected by the Senate twice, yet served as acting Chairman for a period of 5 years.

For now by the Executive pronouncement of Mr President, we welcome and congratulate Ola Olukoyede while awaiting the stand of the lawmakers at the Senate on the abuse of the law on years of experience. Let me state unequivocally to Mr Ola Olukoyede, the tides are not favourable for a successful fight against corruption and the odds are against you.

Watch out for; Olukoyede inside the EFCC file.