Violence is bad enough in itself, but worse for humanity when it is corrupted by minds that are demonically inspired.

Gen.6.13 And God said to Noah, “The end of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with VIOLENCE through them; and behold, I will destroy them with the earth. (NKJV)

The word Violence in the context of this verse is translated from the Hebrew word “Hamas”.

Let the world make no mistake, the vision of Hamas is very well stated and should be clear; to eliminate the state of Israel, in which case all Israelis are targeted for genocide.

In the book “Marriage, Sex and Communication” authored by me and my wife, Folorunso Alakija opened her foreword in the book with the statement; “the fate of the world depends quite significantly on the family as the basic unit and indeed the nucleus of human society”.

We (myself and my wife), corroborated the same by tracing history of human violence to the first family.

The innate passion to be one’s brother’s keeper was murdered with Abel. The wheel of world peace was set in reverse. The world has never been the same. Down through the ages and generations, tragic events of monumental proportions continue to unfold. Can the world ever forget September 11, as we lick the wound of unprovoked terror inflicted on humanity in Israel by Hamas?

Violence became part of human existence after Cain slew his brother Abel. As we take sides with Israel or Hamas and by extension the Palestinian state, depending on our individual sentiments and biases, let us bear in mind that this isn’t different from the first activated human violence; of Cain against Abel; unjustified as it was. This followed the same pattern; it’s a brother against brother thing!

Will humanity win this war?

It’s not likely that humanity will win this war except sentiment is murdered and reason prevails for divinity to step in.

There was no Judaism, no Islam, no Christianity, no religion at all when the world witnessed the first act of violence within a nuclear family unit, it was a brother who rose against his own brother. Taking sides on this war based on religion is myopic and needless!

The first step forward is to understand that this attack is a declaration of war against the State of Israel by Hamas and Israel must be backed and encouraged to give the best of it to Hamas.

Israel didn’t start this war, Hamas did! Those who are calling Israel to peace without calling out Hamas acts of wickedness are nothing but enemies of humanity.

Violence happens, but when violence becomes corrupted it has to be dealt with, without mercy.

The attack on Israel was premeditated, deliberately orchestrated and so it is necessary to ask, what is the motive of Hamas for carrying out that attack? From all intents, genocide is what it’s looking like to me. No responsible State must overlook such dastardly attack against her citizens. Security of life and property is the first covenant of States with their citizens.

Violence is defined according to the Oxford Dictionary, “as behaviour involving physical force intending to hurt, damage, kill someone or something”. Violence could be an eruption of a badly managed conflict. For example the mismanagement of the #ENDSARS peaceful protest by an irresponsible state and its apparatus led to the sad memory that Lekki Toll Gate will forever remain of violence and needless spilling of blood.

Violence by Oxford in providing meaning was brought down to individual openess to it; when it further states; “strength of emotion or of a destructive natural force” and gave the example, “I was surprised at the violence of my felling”.

Those who have lost the capacity of their personal surprise towards inert violence have lost the right to live within free human communities. They must be put away to tame their violent tendency, to put them out is to extinguish the flame of violence they constitute to peaceful society.

Violence can be corrupted. When violence against nature is not an eruption but a premeditated deliberately orchestrated attack to achieve genocidal intention, then it is nothing but extreme wickedness, which in today’s term, “for want of a better word” is called terrorism. it mustn’t be tolerated!

What is terrorism?

The unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political, religious or ideological aims. Usually of three types, domestic, transnational and international.

The complication of terror against the Nigerian state is the failure of her government to separate the compounded compromises that ISIS as an international terror organisation, foreign Fulani Militia as transnational terrorists and the local components of Boko Haram are to the peace of Nigeria. We are confronted with 3 different forces. We will continue to fail in this fight except each component is dealt with as they should be.

The Perpetrators, lawless and impune as they are, are usually cowards who will seek cover in religion and other human sentiment as their get away plot! To bite their evil pie is to conspire with wickedness and help sustain their genocidal intention.

Intelligence reports as in most cases shown that Hamas terrorists are hiding among civilian communities, in schools, hospitals, markets and even in mosques.

No group of persons, no matter the genuineness of their cause should be allowed the luxury of taking up arms against their state of existence or even another and then come hiding among us after this dimension of terror. Such non state actors must never be tolerated. They must be pushed out to be dealt with. This position is the least we must expect as the shift from the United Nations and all Continental and Regional bodies. We can’t be rising against military autocratic rule helping the political class to maintain their oppression of the civilian masses in those countries and then look away from dissidents and rebel forces who make unarmed civilians the target of terror! Enemies of the state, if there is such a thing as killing an ant with a sledgehammer, this is where it should be applied!

ISIS, HAMAS, AL Qaeda, Hezbollah, Boko Haram etc are inventions of wickedness against humanity! it’s about time the world must treat states where they exist as culpable.

The world must rise in defence of peace, not just to put Hamas and others like it away but to put them out. In the context of the attack on the innocent, defenceless and vulnerable but peaceful citizens comprising children, women and the aged so gruesomely murdered, with records coming close to a thousand casualties. The fire of wickedness that they constitute, the world should unite to put off. So that others may learn and tame their inert violence by themselves.