In a bid to minimize the financial pressure on us, we decided advert in our programme should be opened to the public which was extended to political parties. On Monday 9th of January 2023, we needed to collate available materials for the press and activate the printing process. I went to Polaris Bank, Fagba to do a bank transfer to another Polaris account, it went through without issues. However, the hiccups was with Union Bank, Zenith and Ecobank, I was home settling down to pack my things and relocate to the Island when a call came in from the Printer. He was yet to receive the money!

I rushed back to the bank, and on request I was told the Ecobank account wasn’t correct, that the receiving platform was screaming error!

I told the officer, Ayobami, that if there is any account number I can never miss, it was that one, by duty and responsibilities, for heaven sake, I don’t know any of my account number by heart, but not this one! It is my wife’s account and she was waiting for it on the Island to activate welfare arrangements. I was forced to ask them to do the two others while I received so much cash to carry in a cashless society!

Nothing reminds me of the inordinate desire of humanity for class like the Island and the mainland of Lagos. May the labour of our Lagos hero shoved aside never be in vain. Akinwunmi Ambode’s strides for a balance development between Island and Mainland can’t be interpreted by the deliberately orchestrated rot of the BRT Interchange, a world class bus station now left in the hands of Oluomo to manage. The stench of urine and faeces oozes in the atmosphere. His roads in Alimosho, Ifako Ijaye and Ojodu LGs are the only hope of connecting with Ogun State from my end of Lagos mainland given the deteriorated state of Lagos-Abeokuta, a Federal road. The traffic at Fagba would have become history like that of Abule Egba and Pen-Cinema. It was him (Ambode), who broke the exclusivity of street lights to certain areas, when he declared “Light up Lagos project”! He possibly left with the switch to Lagos streets’ lights or it was mounted at Lekki Toll Gate, where the finger that switched off the lights for the military to mow down Nigerian youths mistakenly put off our mainland switches for which we are left in perpetual street darkness!

Rev 20vs12:
Easy English “Then, I saw the dead people. They were standing in front of the throne. All the powerful and important people were there. And all those people who were not powerful were there too. Then someone opened the books. In these books, God had written all the things that the people had done. Then someone opened yet another book where God had written people‚Äôs names. This book included the names of everyone who will live with God always. Then God decided what was fair for the dead people. He decided because of what they had done.

This passage is one of my favorite scriptures. It reminds us of an eternal fact that life sorts us out, but death levels us up!

Before God were the important and the powerful for judgement, standing with them were the not powerful and not important! Bourdilon rich dwellers were standing with the Lazaruses who were from the slums of Bariga!

The unfortunate fate of a beautiful city built on a rotten Federal System and its failed financial infrastructural institution was revealed before my eyes in harrowing experience that may not be erased in a long time to come!

One of the attraction sold to Lagosians in 2015 was that Lagos for once will do more under a party in control of the Federal Government. Has Lagos really done more and faired better since 2015?

I leave you to answer that question with your ballot. If there is any lesson learnt from our democratic experience which must guide our decision. It is the need to free our legislative arm from the control of the executive. Voting “omo adugbo wa”, that is our constituency boy or girl is the way to go, I can’t understand it when a Legislature representing Agege who will vote on election day will be living in Lekki. Vote your Area boy!

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi is an Apostle and Nation Builder. President, Voice of His Word Ministries and Convener Apostolic Round Table,