Blue is the color of love, freedom, intuition, inspiration, sensitivity. It speaks of open space; of wings spread in Imagination to fly!

Our Green and Red must find draw their mandate from colour blue; LOVE!

Green speaks of a new beginning, of growth and the productivity it must birth.

Red speaks of Sacrifice, courage and justice!

You are invited to the BLUE CHAMBER, a people’s driven “national assembly”. Where worthy representatives of the people to the Green and Red Chambers of our National Assembly in line with the values of sacrifice, courage, justice for new beginning of growth and productivity will be decided and endorsed for the new Nigeria!

A new Nigeria can only be birthed in the chambers of the national assembly.

Our Senators and House or Reps Members are far more important than who becomes the President in the dynamics needed to reset Nigeria!

Legislative Revolution Network, LRN is the only way to make it possible.

Be Honourable! Join us at the Blue Chamber for Image-Nation.

All seats are reserved.

Text name of group and number of participants to 08096051978 for groups reservations only.

Individual reservations should be made by texting name and gender to 08025773388

Reservations are done by text messages only, please.

Let’s do it together again!