Insecurity: Ekiti; a target for South West destabilisation

By Bolaji O. Akinyemi.

Topography is one major reason the Russians couldn’t subdue the Afghans. Interest, brought in Americans but same topography toppled their interest. Afghans survived 20 years of American fire power lasting two decades!With the nation becoming an institution in state backed terrorism and a point of reference in dissident groups formation and international terrorism training!

UAE is an Islamic State, Afghanistan is, too, but the difference in their relevance to mordern civilisation, are worlds apart!

William James said; a great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices!

Nigeria has many lessons to learn from UAE and the Afghanistan results to consider at making our decisions. We have refused to think, but thinking we are thinking!

Our prejudices of religions, ethnicities and political differences are the primordial sentiments on which our insecurity is built!

We are yet to apply our minds to what are the international interests that are fanning this local embers to the inferno that is presently consuming our nationhood and may erase a nation once called Nigeria if nothing is done urgently!

The victims’ mentality fans vengeance without mercy; the conquerors’ sustained oppressive attitude without a feeling of humanity. Both are presently with us, achieved through the propaganda we are spinning!

Some are going back to memories of our civil war to unearth the roles of tribes against one another to form positions for relationship in peace time long after the war have ended!

Only few men have healed from the hurt of our civil war! Do I need to talk about the re-definition of Nigeria and our endless journey to nationhood as the fallout of our civil war?

We have come to the table many times, but will rather keep our prejudices at the negotiations table than let go of them to embrace obvious solutions to our national predicaments!

“Yoruba ronu” as a philosophy, should be beneficial to the race but it is often a propaganda tool to harass our tribesmen to the whims and caprices of our political elites, but inimical to nationhood of Nigeria!

We have come to that time when we must truly ‘ronu’! The word itself is formed from two words, ‘ro’, to stir and ‘inu’, the depth of a thing, in this application; of a restricted access to chamber of the mind. It is in stiring a rich pot of soup that choice of meats is enabled! The Nigeria’s pot of soup is one of the richest in the world but, choices has been grossly limited by our inability to truly ‘ronu’!

The tribes are often led by self seeking persons in the “ronu” agenda, who are selling personal interest as tribal or religious advancement. Till today, Faleke is licking the wounds of Melaye’s ronu move that advanced Bello against Faleke. And Ododo is benefiting from the “ironu” of Bello!

What Melaye wouldn’t influence for an Okun man. Bello had and handed over to Ododo. Back to back, for the first time in the history of Kogi State the Nigeria formula has worked to sustain the transition of power from an Ebira man to another Ebira man. But the question is, of what benefits was 8 years of Bello to the Ebira ethnic groups? If we divide Nigeria as some believe is the solution, where will the Okun and the Ebira belong? I still believe we are better bigger if our diversity will be diversified to ronu as Nigeria and not individual ethnic group.

There is a sense of entitlement, “emilokan” that the ‘ronu’ agenda confers; that philosophy is producing ‘awalokan’ mentality in tribes men who in blind support for our tribes have closed our minds to objectivity! Those who dared, are often labeled as bastards! Really?

I have the privilege of meeting the Saloro of Ido Ekiti, High Chief Babatope Akinyele during one of my political interventions in my Local Government of residence; Ifako Ijaye. We have some how tagged along very well, so much so that I can boldly say of his home town Ido Ekiti, as my country home. Through him on my first “home” going to Ido Ekiti, I met the Olujudo of Ido Ekiti Oba Captain Ilori Faboro, who interestingly had met me before meeting me!

Once my name was mentioned by the Eketa of Ido, the Saloro, to the Kabiyesi, the king asked; are you the writer? Apparently many of my scribbles had been read by the Olujudo, according to him on his old school, Christ High School Ado’s, Whatsapp platform. Bolaji Akinyemi was believed to be a pen name since many writings with the name were denied by the known and respected Akinwande Bolaji Akinyemi, a professor of History and International Relations and former Minister of External affairs, reported Kabiyesi!

Two years have gone by after the royal meeting with Kabiyesi. Twists and turns have taken me through seasons of truly “ronuing” both as a Yoruba, my tribe and Nigerian my Nationality.

I came to the conclusion of the need to hold brief with Olujudo on security of the South West Region which of course will likely become a soft target in the terror agenda of the aliens in search of homeland who were already hidden in our forests!

Reflecting on the similarity of the topography of the Plateau in Nigeria and Afghanistan as a country and how this has sustained insecurity giving advantage to the hills and mountains dwellers to hit and prey on those who have chosen the valley bellies of heights as their dwelling place. I concluded, that the rising rate of crime and insecurity in Abuja shouldn’t be an issue whenever Nyesome Wike is ready, not minding the crime investment angle of our unfortunate reality, where with an investment of 300k to 500k in guns and a gang, an investor in a country where nothing seems to be working except crime, can harvest 300 to 500 million naira after a successful kidnapping venture!

The topography similar to what is obtainable on the Plateau can be seen in Akokoland in Ondo State stretching into neighbouring Ekiti State as a predominant geographical feature!

This stretch became my concern and triggered strategic thinking which initiated my visit to Olujudo who is the current Chairman of Ekiti State Council of Obas. Somehow, it was difficult for me to communicate the need for a South West Security Summit to Olujudo as an emergency! The Olujudo, a thinker himself schooled me on the birth of Amotekun. He requested of me a proposal and the need to also see the Elemure of Emure Ekiti, Oba Emmanuel Adebayo, a retired Commissioner of Police and the Chairman of Security sub Committee of the state’s council of Obas. I was yet to put pen to paper nor see the Elemure when terror was hatched from the hills of Ekiti killing two Obas; the Elesun of Esun Ekiti, Oba David Ogunsakin and the Onimojo of Imojo Ekiti; Oba Olatunde Olusola!

What were the mistakes of the monarch? A security expert I had shared my worry for growing insecurity in South West which may start from Ekiti. He answered; they attended a security deliberation of mixed multitude without making copoius arrangements for their personal security afterwards!

If our local communities are these much infiltrated, then, we have to reflect on the cry of former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, that his government was infiltrated and how we failed to help but rather rejoice in his failure for our turn to come!

Now that it is our turn, infiltrators seems to out-number loyalists. Am I going to withdraw my help if I have one to give, waiting for BAT to fail on security so I can rejoice? Truth is, death is at the spin being turned by insecurity till it becomes the turn of everyone! God forbid!!
Did I hear you say that? Time to act by all is now!

Our Communities and military is confronted today with how to fish out the infiltrators. Same sad day, gunmen, obviously unknown, abducted yet to be known number of students of Apostolic Faith School who were commuting on their school bus from Emure Ekiti to Epore Ekiti, in Emure Local Government Area of Ekiti State on the seventh day of my visit to the Olujudo. The details of my conversation with the Kabiyesi is filed with posterity before the witness of two persons. Time, I hope will duck the future in the court of history for the revelation of what transpired in the palace.

Taking the floor of the Federal House of Representatives the next day, Akintunde Rotimi Jr, representing the good people of Ekiti North1 Federal constituency comprising Ikole and Oye Local Government Areas armed with a motion he termed as one of urgent national importance on the criminality currently ravaging Ekiti state. He called the notice of the house to an increase in criminal activities in Ekiti North one federal constituency in recent times resulting in the loss of lives and properties. The house, he said, should also note that the constituency is exposed to peculiar security challenges due to the nature of our forests and topography and more painfully because Ekiti federal roads are some of the most dilapidated in the entire country!
Further notes that on Monday January 29th 2024 these criminals carried out an attack in the Oke Ako area, obviously in reference to both recent unfortunate incidences but, Rotimi was too overtaken by the sorrow and anguish of our collective inability to protect the people who sent him to Abuja to receive an armour of a Prado to protect him against such attack that claimed the lives of our kings we left without the largese of bulletproof cars!

The unfortunate aspect of our insecurity is the narrative that has turned one of the best peace keeping military in the world to a ‘caricature’ before some groups of rag and tagged outlaws without training who are riding on our prejudices to foster their nefarious activities against our national sovereignty and insulting our collective humanity in the process!

We must shun the agenda setting that is enlisting us to fight unknowingly on the side of our enemies against ourselves and our military by promoting propaganda being sponsored by beneficiaries of our insecurity; local or international!

The military will remain helpless until we are ready to fight insecurity for what it is! Insurgency against the government and criminality against all of us as citizens!

This is the direction public advocacy must be focused. This must determine national grouping away from tribes, religions and partisanship of politics. Vibes of political education must be deployed for strategic communications to enlist as many as possible on the need to rid our nation of insecurity.

Lagos must take the lead, stand for Ekiti without failing to speak for all the trouble states in Nigeria.

iWalk in Love; iWalk 4 Life, is not an expression of sympathy for our tribe. But the need for all to live as Nigerians to see an end of the structures that has pitched us against each other and held us down to underdevelopment. For this to happen, a Kukah must walk side by side a Khalid, Sanwo-Olu must hold the hands of Mutfwang in assurance of love, tete- a – tete between an Akinyemi and Akintola must be encouraged!

We must rise in love to substitute our imaginary enemies for our real enemies. To this awareness in unity of love and protection of life and human dignity we urge LAGOSIANS; (Leaders After God’s Own Spirit Initiating A New State); to champion!

We have to stay alive so that we can work together to build a nation we all can enjoy.

Part two: ‘Insecurity : Ekiti a target for South West destabilisation ‘, will focus on international interests and politics that are fanning the furnace of war in Nigeria and the sub region, a must read!

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi is an Apostle and Nation Builder.