Kwam1 is indeed One in a million.

By Bolaji O. Akinyemi.

The eyes and ears of men in power are their friends and close associates!

Solomon, if not the most successful ruler the world had ever known, he will no doubt be among the first 3! However he is the richest man the world have ever known! Wealth, he made owing to his wisdom!

His counsel in wealth making and leadership are therefore golden and his books in the Bible; Ecclesiastes and Proverbs, are all time best reader to leaders’ manuals through ages!

While Ecclesiastes deals with time, its affairs and management. Proverbs exudes wisdom needed for successful leadership!

A verse in the book of Proverbs sticks out for me as I write this!

Pro 29:12 (BBE):

“If a ruler gives attention to false words, all his servants are evil-doers.”

One constant thing with leadership in Nigeria is falsehood!

We have seen truthfully good men get to power and suddenly, they are overtaken by falsehood! But are worse calamities were witnessed when men without conscience took the reign and were sorounded by evil doers.

Solomon gave us an insight into the dynamics of this change. From truthfulness to falsehood and good to bad!

The process of a ruler being given to falsehood is laid at the feet of his servants. “All his servants are evil-doers.’ When a leader is found to be given to falsehood, Solomon concluded, all his servants are evil doers! Experiential expression of a man who has seen it all; the power of the throne to amass wealth, with which he laid gold in Jerusalem like dust and the influence of the throne to attract and acquire women like shoes, three hundred wives officially and seven hundred unofficially as concubines!

It is amazing that out of the array of friends and fans of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, millions of them of course, over 8 million according to the evil or good report of INEC, Who sold his candidacy to Nigerians, Kwam1 has proven to be One in all their millions coming public to decry the level of hardship that the masses are subjected to!

He did, without betraying his commitments to his friends, this is unlike who we are! At a time Royals are cursing their subjects for daring to say things are hard under Tinubu and Yoruba sons and daughters who dared to speak up to the government are being tagged bastards, Kwam1 chose to be courageous, consoling the masses and charging his friend (BAT) to rise to the occasion!

Tinubu is privileged to have Kwam1 for a friend and Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde has deleted his own name from the list of evil doers around the throne of Nigeria at least for now!

It is left to the President what to do with the information KWAM1 provided.

The nobility of Kwam1 has inspired a few other sons and daughters of the Yoruba race!

Yoruba so wipe: “Ai pe ipade awon otosi ni ko jeki a mo eni ti ALAGA ISE to si!” Meaning, failure to call the meeting of the poorest of the poor is the reason we fail to recognise who qualifies to be the chairman of abject poverty!

The condition of the country seems to be calling that meeting.

With trending video from Asoju Mekunu who in tears pleads the course of the poor for President’s consideration. The poet, Inulayewa, added his voice to the objective voices calling their brother to caution! This is the noble choice that all Yoruba sons and daughters are left with to earn back our integrity and honour among the tribes of Nigeria!

King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal; KWAM1, is a Yoruba man and a Muslim. If he is concerned about the economy, all Nigerians should be, but most importantly, we all must be, about insecurity. For life precedes possession.

Let me here plead KWAM1 to consider a collabo with Elder Johnson Adeola of the Apostolic church on his song; “Ija esin o ye wa”, meaning, we don’t need religious fight. The education in the song is most needed by all at this time!

The deception that has fanned insecurity must be dispelled. No one deserves to die because of religion or tribes. That narrative is aiding the bandits in the “evil forest” all around us. Men trapped in immorality and who must be freed from same according to Sheikh Abubakar Gumi!

In the word of a Professor of Islamic and Arabic study at the University of Lagos, Ustaz Ishaq Akintola, speaking to a gathering in Abuja; “You are a Yoruba man before being a Muslim. Nigeria Muslims are just using Islamic religion as a cover to overturn lands belonging to other tribal groups in the guise of spreading Islamic Religion. There is nothing like Jihad in this modern age save Islamic Evangelism! While Gumi is decrying the immorality fanning banditry, Akintola is saying emphatically that there is no such thing as Jihad! To this understanding of a professor of Islamic Studies and Jurisprudence we will like to call the President, the military and citizens of Nigeria to; we all must fight the fight for what it is, immorality according to Gumi and land grabbing according to Akintola!

Buhari never did wrong before most Muslims with perverted understanding of our insecurity, which Gumi and Akintola have corrected. No one has the right to run the country aground on ignorance of religion!

May the President be graced with a hearing ear, a loving heart and a leg swift to walk the walk we must all walk to be free from the shackles of deception!

Now that perpetrators of our insecurity are guilty of immorality and land grabbing, will the President, Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu use the rod or keep dangling the carrot?

Watch out for; “Will President Bola Ahmed Tinubu use the rod!”

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi is an Apostle and Nation Builder.