The Obidient movement is a defiance to political reasoning, a philosophy birthed in desperation , blindly pushing through obstacles and hurdles. Will they arrive at the line breasting the tape in victory come February 25, 2023? The question is difficult to answer.

Bookmakers and political analysts along with players are confused daily on the growth of this unfunded, uncoordinated phenomenon without a structured leadership. Like a forest fire kindled in the middle of the night, one had hope it won’t reach the village because fire don’t cross road nor jump rivers. But the fire that was kindled in the forest of modernization through technology online has crossed roads and jumped rivers and it is becoming extremely difficult to quench.

The #ENDSARS protest was the first signal of frustrated age group within the Nigerian demography; the youth. Their cry was loud and deafening. They spoke up in clarity of purpose, so clear the world heard and heeded. The global attention made confrontation inevitable, force of course, brute force was the only way to stop them and it did. Did the establishment win? I doubt!

This second wave have found expression as a political movement! The ideology is one and the same, ending brutality of security forces and agencies as a result of bad governance was the goal of ENDSARS and it was what they wanted to stop that stopped them!

“Obidient” are as determined as “Endsarsers”, same youthful energy geared towards their desire to end brutality of life to which inept leadership has subjected the entire population of Nigerian to at the expense of their political cliques and cronies for whose interest alone they hold power and will rather see the people perish in the ocean of poverty and lagoon of lack than relinquish power to those it rightly belong; the people!

The rumors are rife, it look like the election will not hold and if it did, either of the political interest that will service the interest of the owners of Nigeria and the establishment better emerge, if not, plans, suspicious opinions, suggestively are in place to annul the election as it was in 1993.

The build up to 1993 was loud, but i doubt if it was as loud as what is coming from the obidien movement who are shouting from the hill of tech and valley of reality.

For now, while holding the sledge hammer of force in waiting, self- destruction is the hope of oligarchy that the movement will not see the light for which their oil is been burnt.

The court cases involving Labour Party in Lagos state for example points to one reality, a house divided against itself shall not stand.

The governorship ticket is confronted with the lawsuit of a Claimant to the same ticket , who argued he was the substantive Chairman and held proper primary within time provided by INEC for Party Primaries.

Same for candidates for Senate and House of Representatives elections . In Eti Osa, where Barrister Ayodele Ademiluyi is one of the parties to a lawsuit as one of the authentic candidates that emerged from the May 25, 2022 Primaries held within time provided by INEC.According to him, the situation for now is that up till now the Labour Party does not have National Assembly candidates in Lagos State. While the authentic candidates like himself that emerged from the proper Primaries held within time provided by INEC on the 25th May, 2022, the Labour Party national leadership failed to forward their names to INEC because the tickets have been bought by higher bidders who did not emerge from any proper Primary , which made INEC to leave the spaces blank on its website up till 4th October, 2022, which is the final date of publication of Candidates. Despite a pending suit by the authentic candidates, a group of persons parading themselves as “substitution candidates” without informing anyone of who and who they are substituting , obtained by concealment of facts , a Court of Appeal judgment which included some National Party officials and the Labour Party as Appellants in Abuja ordering INEC to enter their names as Candidates. The same National Party official captured as an Appellant has gone to Supreme Court to file an appeal stating that the Court of Appeal Judgment was obtained by fraud as his consent was not obtained before filing same. The authentic candidates have also approached the Supreme Court. The battle is now at the Supreme Court. Yet the period for campaign ebbs away.

The truth however is Labour party is not obidient movement and the conspiracy of the labour union and the establishment in hope of being part of interim government if their will be one will never happen. Obidients are uniquely a pro Nigeria movement with cult followers in the diaspora. Which of course has never failed at pushing ideological demands through. I can’t see this the option of interim government sailing through not when persons whose unpopularity is confirmed by their failure to win even one vote during APC primary, may be if they tried out their popular options who won some reasonable number of votes, just may be, the drop of such stone in our water of expectation might ripple across the body with time. Whatever the case, may Nigerians and Nigeria win.