Biafra is made attractive to an average Igbo person by the limitations and marginalization they have been subjected to in the Nigeria Nation. Little wonder they rose in support of the ideology of Nationhood and fought to achieve it.

No victor, No vanquish was the communique of One United Nigeria after our civil war. But, nothing really has improved in the way they are perceived and dealt with in the Nigeria nation. 

3rd class race in any nation should seek their independence. All I see in Ukrainians’ patriotic readiness to fight with Russia is the motivation this may be serving to the Igbos, that their nationhood is worth dying for. To stem this and properly integrate them into Nigeria, their citizenship recognition should start with the 2023 Presidency, there is no other way to demand justice and equity for all than for the Yoruba race to support Igbo Presidency.


Dr Bolaji Oluwayanmife Akinyemi is a Revivalist and Revolutionist.