My love letter to Lagosians.

By Bolaji O. Akinyemi.

It’s 12:30AM, Monday, 1st of February 2024. Dear lovely and loving Lagosians,


May I welcome you to the month of February 2024. The 14th day of this month is regarded globally as lovers’ day.

PVC Naija is a foremost social re-inventing and political re-engineering Non governmental organisation in Nigeria we operates through projects in collaboration with other social value enhancing groups in the country and beyond. PVC Naija is out with a new project; an idea to literarily make Love for Humanity and Fatherland Walk on the Streets of Lagos.

Our desire is to bring Lagosians out to walk in love in celebration and recognition of love to mark this year Valentine day on Wednesday, the 14th Day of February 2024.

The concept is tagged; “iWalk in Love; iWalk for Life!”

Human life is sacred; given only by God and should only be taken by Him at the appointed time or through occurrences beyond human interplay, wherein we must submit to the will of the Almighty. Any one who takes the life of another is a murderer and must be brought to book and to justice!
Life is the gift of God, its protection, and of properties is the first and primary duty of not just Government but all whom God graciously bestowed LIFE!

Lagos, as the leading light of the nation and the home state of Mr President should lead in public advocacy to see an end to insecurity in the country. Hence the need to raise the Voice of Lagos from a non-religious, non-partisan nor tribal point of view against insecurity to beg if we have to at seeing an end to incessant killing.

I write to invite you to join me and other Patriots of the house of Nigeria in a peaceful procession to honour the memory of our heroes (soldiers) and civilian victims of insecurity in Nigeria at this Lagos event on Wednesday, 14th February 2024 to demand justice for the victims of non state actors across the country who are trampling on our sovereignty as a nation through terror attacks.

I have consulted widely and most Lagosians share this ‘love for life concept’ and did agreed there is no better way to celebrate this year lovers’ day than to relive the memories of our heroes whose sacrifice has kept this nation as one and show love to our neighbours and fellow citizens who are unfortunate victims of insecurity by enemies of our dear country!

The feeler is clear. Lagosians are set to walk in celebration of Love and in protection of Life. Powered by the LAGOSIANS; (Leaders After God’s Own Spirit Initiating A New State), an arm of PVC Naija.

The walk is aimed at registering the discontent and displeasure of LAGOSIANS in particular and NIGERIANS in general against the ongoing MASS killings in Plateau, Zamfara, Benue, Kastina, Kaduna and some other states of the federation but in absolute love for life without any form of violence whatsoever.

The procession will be well structured and coordinated. Order is our focus and we have submitted this to the Commissioner of Police in Lagos; Mr Adegoke Fayoade.

The walk will be streamed live online by some of our participating Media. This is necessary to carry along Nigerians from all states of the Federation and those from the Diaspora to enable them air their views.

Respected individuals will be captured to encourage Nigerians to embrace peace. Our appeals to Mr President will be made to Mr Governor, who will help us take the same to Mr President as our collective desire to see an end to insecurity.

The walk is designed to be a short but impactful walk, by 8:00AM, from the Fire Station at the back of Ikeja Mall to the Governor’s office Alausa,

We have nothing to fear at making this a peaceful walk, courtesy of the very impressive work of His Excellency Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu on security. The route for the walk has enough CCTV cameras to help monitor the excesses of individuals and checkmate possible breakdown of law and order.
We are therefore assured on our part as every measure to keep this procession peaceful has been put in place.

Some Social Brand Personalities are invited to enhance the brand of this project, they includes, but not limited to; Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah of the Kukah Center, Sheikh Nura Khalid, founder of the Islamic Research and Da’awah Foundation, both will be honoured as PVC Naija Peace Ambassadors. Partnership and participation of Dr Gideon and Dr Funmi Para Mallam of the Para-Mallam Peace Foundation, Stephanos Foundation and Ambassador Stephen Bangoji, the President Congress of Northern Nigeria Christian, Dr Bitrus Pogu of the Middle Belt Forum, Southern Kaduna People’s Union and The Muslim Democrats has been secured.

Mrs Joy Osawaru-Akinyemi, President Creative Designers Guild of Nigeria, (Nollywood) has accepted to help us carry her industry along for this all important iWalk in Love 4 life! She is available in her capacity as the Director of Organisation of PVC Naija for further enquiries on the walk; on 08033482715 (call only) 09096051978 (Whatsapp only)

Dear Lagosians let’s come out emass to walk in love 4 life to destroy the ideological veils of tribe and religion masquerading as insecurity for what it is not! That is the objective of this walk!!

Our humanity shall be promoted over and above tribes and religion.

I look forward to walking in love with you.

Your Steward for a great Lagos and greater Nigeria.

Apt. Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, BoT Chairman.