A quick look at Google for word meaning presents a jungle as, an area of land overgrown with dense forest and tangled vegetation.

The jungle is not a barren place, the denseness of its forest is a reflection of her soil richness. Its entangled vegetation, a proof of no one tilling it. Primarily, a jungle is a place of untapped potentials, with wild untamed animals. A bush left to fallow. A community of no rule. A plane in auto pilot.

A jungle in the interpretation of the revelation God graciously gave to Pastor Tunde Bakare (PTB), to forewarn Nigerians of the calamitous jungle heading driver he promoted for us to hire. Driver Muhammadu Buhari pulled up the Nigerian bus at a slope to ease himself, with a jerk to the bus the man of God jumped down to take over the wheel only to discover that the driver he recommended to Nigerians in the name of the Lord has taken the steering wheel with him into the jungle, possibly to trace his jungle adventure friend, Chief Bisi Akande. In the said revelation, sitting at the wheel PTB discovered the brake pedal was equally missing. I can just imagine, may be, just may be, our Fulani President has found a better use for even the gear stick as herder’s rod and has also taken it with him on his adventure to the jungle. However, PTB told us that Driver Buhari abandoned the bus in his revelation. A situation that caused all in the bus to scamper for safety. What a God we serve, he never left us in the dark concerning this season. But the vision became blurry because of his servant’s political and personal interest! Thus, the misinterpretation. Are we not abandoned? Is the steering wheel of Nigeria not taken away and our bus drifting for the precipice! Today we are absolutely reduced to a jungle world of survival of the fittest!

In his book “my participation”, Baba Akande threw several jabs at different people, but for the same reason, vilified all to vindicate one! Tinubu is the one to be decorated with medals torn out of others’ garments.

There were striking remarks from his trusted friend, President Muhammadu Buhari, who only 37 years ago rightly or wrongly accused Akande of corruption and sent him to jail for a paltry 44 years! If Babangida had not intervened, by Thursday, 9th December 2021 when Akande stood in Lagos to speak of his friendship with Buhari, he would have been behind bars at Agodi having just 7 more years to serve. He obviously wouldn’t have had the privilege of witnessing, hearing and being part to the spread of the many concomitant lies and fabricated rumours that were sensationalised in the Book!

If Akande in the 37th year of his unserved sentence is excited about his friendship, partnership and participation that has led 200 million Nigerians into the forest of overgrown corruption that Nigeria has become under his friend, then I am forced to conclude that 2015 to date, and possibly till 2023 or beyond depending on whether Nigerians will terminate APC’s contract or not, all we have witnessed were premeditated; a political contract between a Presidential Candidate and his party Chairman he followed on this adventure into the Jungle that has birthed a new “National family”!

We have thus been informed that there is no end in sight to what our experiences are under the APC led Buhari’s Administration, should APC continue in power. Turning our nation into a jungle is a party project, and loyalty to party is priced by APC members!

The jungle king was all smiles while the “encomium” were pouring.

Akande reminded his friend of his astute integrity, which is displayed by his usual promise and fail! All of the promises made to Nigerians that are not fulfilled are of no interest to Akande’s participation. He was particularly worried about a promise made to Bola Ahmed Tinubu that he will be Buhari’s Vice President!

Akande was inadvertently reminding Buhari that if you developed cold feet at making Bola Ahmed Tinubu your Vice President in order not to insult the sensibilities of Christian Nigerians who are entitled to such representation in Government on simple application of fairness, equity and justice, then, now is the time to payback! Tinubu of course is daring enough to dare what Buhari couldn’t. He has settled for a Muslim/Muslim Ticket! I have no intention to demean the office and person of the holy father, but I bet, not even the Pope in Rome can instigate the Catholic in Nigeria to stop this mission of injustice! So, our politically informed Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Bishop Mathew Kukah, shouldn’t use insecurity as an excuse not to support APC’s Muslim/Muslim Ticket, at least he has been this far protected enough not to mistakenly use the window for a door to exit his Cathedral in the same city where the Sultan in error exited the State’s Mosque through the window under a Muslim/Christian supervised security administration of Buhari/Osibajo.

Tinubu’s Muslim/Muslim Ticket for me will represent the hope of that Nigeria of President Muhammadu Buhari’s dream, particularly if a young leadership hopeful, Information and Technologically inclined, Sharia Apostle and Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Sheikh Isa Pantami will be his choice! Then we are on our way to becoming Afghanistan, and at the cost of our secularity we may have Americans military weapons for free to become a regional menace and continental threat. I guess this is a goal worth gunning for!

Baba Akande’s participation has proven to be nothing but an octogenarian dance of shame at the village Square! One of the marks of an elder in Yoruba land is their ability to be pretentious not to hear words that are capable of causing disaffection among brethren when spoken even to their hearing, thus the adage, “f’oro sikun bí àgbà, fi gbígbó ṣe alai gbọ́”.

The Yoruba Omoluabi nation further said, “agba ki se oro bi ewe” meaning and elder should not handle matter childishly.

But not Chief Bisi Akande. If you think he was flippant with words at the occasion, wait until you hear of the magnanimity of Tinubu of which Akande is a gracious beneficiary. Reason, I guess Baba Adebanjo was envious of him, that turned Baba Adebanjo into a beggar before Tinubu to be able to enjoy what the “akapo of Lagos, and bullion vans’ park manager of Nigeria was showering on Akande without measure!

Though, Baba Adebanjo has responded, he made a public declarations of all his property as if he has interest in the office of the President in 2023. Not even President Buhari’s assets declarations was as comprehensive as what Adebanjo rendered publicly. Listing properties he sold and loans he took to finance the property Akande claimed Tinubu built for Adebanjo. Stating all the property he has in this life, he further called on EFCC to investigate his claims, steps, he advised Akande and Tinubu to take regarding all the property they also own. We can only hope that the Asiwaju we live in honour of his title to become the next man to the forerunner of a good example of pubic accountability that Baba Adebanjo has become the Asiwaju of. It is now the word of Adebanjo against Akande. In the spirit of justice and truth the onus is further laid on Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to shed light on the following all important issues of interest to Nigerians. Did he buy a land for Baba Adebanjo? Was the house built by him for Baba? Was Baba Adebanjo given the house before Tinubu was made Governor or after? How much was committed to the building? How was the money sourced? From tax payers’ money or where? If yes, which ministry or agency floated it in their budget to have it passed? There are several questions begging for answers and our Asiwaju will do well to give answers to them, so that we can further appreciate how Lagos ran successfully under his leadership as Governor!

The Emeritus Governor of Lagos State was not without words at the occasion. According to him, APC’s success wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of Akande. Tinubu seemed to confirm and confer on Akande, “hero” of that Jungle which the President spoke of earlier. Speaking further, Tinubu said, “Chief Akande is such person, (hero), with whom our lives are better because of the selfless public and private contributions he has made to this national family”!

It was Chinua Achebe who said there was a country, now, what he meant is made clear. Tinubu told us of a family whose lives are better, a clique of men and women, privileged to hold power for their advantage and argrandisement. The Buharis are members of this family, yes, life is better for a son without a known source of income to be turbanned a community head in the presence of other members of their national family. Life is indeed better when a man can keep a whole state in his pocket, his wife at the Senate and gives the key of Lekki Toll Gate to his son to go switch off the light so rebellious sons of non members of their national family who dare to challenge the authority of the King of the jungle can be taught the needed lessons and killed even when in hope of protection they waved flags and sang national anthem, alas they have forgotten it was a jungle, rules doesn’t count and laws are on suspension!

Is life not better for the Akandes, if his son holds an appointment with Osun State and the Governor further appointed the wife as Assistant to her husband?

This better life of course excludes APC members who are nothing but puppet of the “national family”. Membership of this national family is reviewed from time to time, a certain Adams until he was disowned would have been the center of all eyes at the family function of Akande’s book launch!

We must borrow ourselves sense, as it is said on the streets.

There is a national family, to which, the Buharis, Tinubus, Akandes, Malamis, Akpabios, etc and other privileged political elites belong which doesn’t include 200 million of us. Yet the power to destroy this national family for which the rest of us are slaving to maintain their avaricious living is tied to our political participation!

2023 must not be left to the likes of Akande and their participation, If we must return from the Jungle that APC leadership has led us. We must be determined to abandon APC to the jungle of Banditry and killings they have made of the nation. We must be courageous and fully participate to walk away from the jungle of terrorism, that, they have descended the nation into.

Democracy is a game of numbers, we have the number, we are and will forever be more than the elite class! To soar their numbers over ours, divide and rule is their game, reason for the rantings of Akande. But if Christians and Muslims who are confined to the sufferings in this jungle since 2015 will come together in the interest of our own better lives and not theirs, then we can sigh in relief. If the Sunnis and the Shites will come to the understanding of the fact that life is the reason for religions, without life there will be no religion!

If orthodox christians and their pentecostal counterparts will embrace the same understanding, not even the combined forces of PDP and APC can stop the loading voter revolution that will change our Jungle into a peaceful, productive and beautiful city!

The question is are we ready to call the Nigeria family out of the boxes of divisions they have placed us that is sustaining their oppression of the rest of us? Should we not climb over the walls they have built to separate us, to build the Nigeria family against their self interest national family!

Our only escape from the jungle kingdom and her king is our participation. No one around us must be left between two opinions. Participation is the Nigerian message of salvation, it must be preached in our Mosques and Churches, native oracles of our traditional religions must be saying the same thing with Muslims and Christians, we need for once, a President we can all relate with. Not a stooge hired to fester their nest, nor a political investor who has armed himself with enough funds to buy bloggers, hire influencers, intimidate the media to screw public opinion to his advantage and if need be buy our votes. It’s time to rally round someone from among us who has our interest at heart that we might make him/her our President.

Dr. Bolaji O Akinyemi, is an Apostle, a Strategic Communicator, focusing on Revival and Revolution. The BID as his popularly called is available for Conference speaking.