As I listened to Bro. Bolaji Akinyemi today (9th November, 2023) on Save Nigeria Zoom meeting Programme mentioning the fact that in seeking to build a new Nigeria, there must be exaltation of righteousness, I remembered again my embossed, pulsating view and passion that value is at the root of everything on this earth. (If in doubt, please ask me).

While he mentioned the issue of David and Nathan matter where David acknowledged his error and owned up as Nathan, the prophet was bold to face him with his misdeeds, I remembered releasing this matter which had been lying in my coffer for some time now. Further to what he said that jolted me up was that “David was helped to rise to a new frame of thinking and living because Nathan took responsibility and never shied away from telling the compelling, blazing truth even when he was not sure of what the response of the emperor would be – to him as well as the truth”. He submitted that Nigeria should have been helped if the Nathans are up to the task of confronting the wicked with the bleeding truth. If probably they have been confronted, it is possible that their soring wounds could have been bounded up and healing getting in view of our land.

Now, even if things have come this way, it is yet clear that there is an end and the expectation of the righteous will not be cut short as stated in Proverb. There is an end to the wicked, there is also an end to their wickedness. The expectation of the righteous will not be cut short is a matter of the Righteousness-Personified as welll as the righteous-mourners of the time among men. Both parties to righteousness cannot be disappointed. For just as the Righteousness-Personified will ensure that his word does not fail no matter how long, the righteous-mourners who have trusted his word till now look to having the hanging fruit drop eventually. However, the frame of leadership who have run the system over time are always the ground of dealing first in any human system. While the Scriptures attested to the fact of coming big for the leaders, so also the maxim states, everything rises and falls on leadership. But peeping into future of leadership all over the world currently, the following are the set of leaders in various nations especially using Nigeria as a case study:

Engulfed Generation of Leaders – either young or old, they, having drank so deep into the world system (and still drenching its cup) they cannot detach, deny nor ditch the rottenness of the system but keep pushing to advance what it teaches or what they think is its reality of life, in all frames of human thinking – politically, religion, economically. Some never started out that way but were gradually dragged, drawn, drowned and pushed into it by whatever reason – readings, lust, companionship etc. They are the one who keep thinking we are good no matter the wicked numbness of conscience leading to increased wickedness and soaring number of deaths or general untoward human living conditions, value-disruptions and active corruption of the system. Being kept under its influence, almost owned by it as it were – like a tree with an extended root tentacles coiled around their necks ready to choke up, they are already made to act like the robot and rubber-stampers of the system’s operations. Their ignorant, blatant or blindfolded partnership with the spirit of dead is what is facilitating the operation of the system still. And, all about the world system is nothing but DEATH whereas the Living God Himself is the one shaking it to restore all things and establish His own Kingdom. They are many times the opinion molders, community leaders at various levels of human existence, who just follow as they are being briefed, even if questioned by people or if concerned in some way. But, never would they use ancient wisdom of God and eternally infallible truths of living to question the current confusing realities and set men on the path of truth that can set them on fire to pursue reality rather than shadow and being vague. What their influence on the people results is that, they will drag many into ditch, dungeon and death. They are also dragging and lagging in nature to persuade men to higher virtues and new possibilities by upholding eternal truths of life and so are like the leaders of the people of Israel who believe they cannot reach the Promised Land.

Involved Generation of Leaders – either young or old, they are tired of the whole issues of compromise of truth, weakness of value system and wickedness of life becoming the issue of today’s Christianity and life generally as against before. And being partly informed about the new thing God promised and he is doing but they are not yet persuaded especially on how it could be possible or work out. Somehow, they are also lazy or laid back to ask questions and pursue to move into the new thing. For some it is due to their loyalty to the old system of leadership that is loyal to the establishment (world system). Another issue is due to lack of clear understanding of the Gospel of the Kingdom. They are in doubt of the facts being provided by the world system and confused about what the world is becoming but they are not also wholly informed enough to set clarity between light and darkness, having exhausted their idea of knowledge of God and His truth. Therefore, they are still thinking probably it can be salvaged, they are seeking to emancipate others while yet seeking to do their bit of keeping up with the establishment both in thinking and dealing, for the fear of what they would lose or being called stale and irrelevant to the system’s reality. Well, what many of them are currently good at is encouraging those with the new light and zest or zeal to carry on the new things but whereas, being in the frontline, with their influence, they are being expected to jump in and lead the parade. They are or could also be evolving and promising but need more work of God on them and the humility of learning the new things even if from the young, if they will eventually cross the Rubicon and be further useable to heaven. But they may have to be left to keep what they are persuaded with till the Bridegroom comes but would not have input in the next move of heaven.

Informed Generation of Leaders – Young or old, they are properly informed and wholly enlightened but not first through the light of the world system, but by some revelations – in any way they got it. On the side of light, they were first enlightened by the light of heaven and then by their humility taught through proper understanding of the Gospel of the Kingdom the truth about the world system and its eternal fight; operation through darkness against the kingdom of light. They are the ones who can give glorious understanding that can truly help the next generation. They may not be perfect, but they are earnestly seeking to see God’s will and right things are done and they also yet believe the truth of God shall prevail. They are pathfinders and helpers of those coming so they can have what they would improve on as touching the latest technology of heaven for spirituality and living for the end-time. Heaven is banking on them and life is trusting them to be able to be the bridge of the neglected old but eternal path of truth, the beacon and platform for new things of the time and highway to guide for the interpretation of the new things to come; both in the light of the Scriptures and in the experience of the mind, presence and power of the Spirit. Even in darkness as well, by whatever informed their mind and props their existence, these set of informed or evolved men are instrument to guide men on how to masquerade darkness and package it so well to look like light and sell doom to the next generation in the form of new realities and latest possibilities and distractions in the social media, GMO products, inordinate sexual appeals and subtle mode of manipulations of truth, denial of the infallibility of truth and promoting its relativity, denial of the authority of the Scripture, secular-spirituality and dark or unhealthy science etc

Where would you be in the nearest future is now the question especially as we look to the new Nigeria which will come eventually?

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