Nuhu Ribadu is known for what he did as the Chairman of EFCC and is a former policeman. The office of the NSA coordinates the security thrust for the country. In a way this job is very important at determining the result that may come from whoever the Minister of Defence will be. It therefore means that someone from Intelligence, with a background in the military,

Gleaning from opinion of IK Joy-Uzor, an MSc in Strategic Leadership and Change from Manchester Metropolitan University who work in the public sector to form my thoughts; the insecurity we are currently faced with namely terrorism, kidnapping, brazen banditry, pipeline breaching etc are all financially rewarding and corruption funded. The direct angle of our fight against it will be coordinated by the Ministry of Defence. This therefore calls for someone with a skill set that fills the gaps and limitations that our imposed military cultural thinking may generate. In this direction we know the perception the defence/ intelligence/ security community have of the police force. “Even Civil Defence dey raise shoulder for them.” Intra and inter agencies relationship is key in security matter but must never be to the disadvantage of advancing investigations and proceeding to prosecutions. Sometime in 2019 or so an individual was killed by a personnel of the Customs at a border in Ogun State and the police didn’t investigate the matter because the spokesperson for the Customs put out a communique that they were looking into the matter. We also recall what happened when some police officers who captured a notorious kidnapper were killed by some soldiers at a checkpoint. Nothing came out of it. In 2020, Tolulope Arotile, the air combat pilot, was killed in a “freak accident”. The suspect after interrogation was supposedly handed over to the police. This “suspect” has not been arraigned till date. The indirect fight against this menace of course will be the beat of EFCC.

The words in bold case are mine.

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