Democracy is a people- focused system of government that must be built on the rule of law. The law must be the LORD in any democratic society.

It rules, the pathway on which both the Government and the people must tread for peace to prevail and prosperity to flow. Respect for the rule of law is therefore sancrosant in every constitutional democracy!

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has of recent been challenged to prove the civility of his Government and its sincere commitments to, one; equality of all in the state and access to justice and two, restructuring as a doctrine of necessity or mere lip service!

The first occasion that threw this up was the #EndSARS Panel’s Report, Sanwo-Olu’s White Paper on it was simply a subtle sliding tackle given to justice.

The striker that must lead State team in the game for freedom against the center was hacked down.

LASG failed to show example away from the impunity the FGN was known for. Sanwo-Olu will rather walk for Justice than face the truth justice confronted him with from the Panel!

The Governor’s promised walk was still being expected when attention shifted to Dowen, the hope of Sylvester Oromoni to justice hung on the Government in Lagos through the office of the Director of public prosecution (DPP).

Good enough that the autopsy was conducted at Central Hospital, Warri, Delta State, but it is disturbing that the office of the DPP based its advice on the case entirely on the autopsy report without consideration for facts of the testimony of the deceased and the statement made by the school.

It is suspicious and prejudicial for the Commissioner of Police to further read to the public that Sylvester died of a natural cause!

The Court is generally believed to be the destination of hope for the common man when in quest of justice but, LASG through the Director of Public Presecution, Mr Babajide Martins, and the office of the Commissioner of Police, Mr Hakeem Odumosu, who by the Constitution should defend Sylvester Omoroni in death against the accused 5, sadly, thwarted the process, castrated the law and declared that the accused are having no case to answer!

Crisis ignition by conspiracy of not allowing justice to take its course as in every situation when justice is denied is already showing up its ugly head from the threats coming from the Ijaw youths!

The specific fiat that Dowen should open for resumption on Monday 10th January, 2022, compelled me to ask, who is the owner of this school for which things are being turned on their heads?

The continuous raping of the Judiciary in Nigeria and particularly under the present APC- led regime of General Muhammadu Buhari has produced democratic “bastards” unknown to law!

The Supreme Court recently admitted that its Judgment on Imo State on the Governorship elections will haunt the country for a long time to come.

Consequently, violence, the instrument of governance when rule of law is sacked and justice is jaundiced is on rampage in Imo, life has become a play and democracy, a drama!

The “Supreme Court” Governor in Imo we employed, must employ every means as the will on minority fostered on the majority to stay in charge, to the extent of desecrating a Church with gun wielding policemen to arrest passive enemy!

Justice must be fair to all, but it is not in Imo nor in Lagos! The sanctity of Judgement of the Supreme Court before whom all must tremble and bow is further insulted in Lagos!

That which enthroned APC’s Uzodima in Imo State, Sanwo-Olu desired to see locked out in Lagos in favour of residents to whom judgement has been handed to vacate!

Our grandstander and Chief Security Officer could have settled out of court but no, he allowed the proceedings to be concluded and judgement pronounced and then offering Badagry plots in exchange for Magodo, not even Esau will take such offer for his birthright in this tech age!

At the gate of Magodo stood an officer with an order from above, stern, having no consideration for the office of our Governor, nor showing respect for his person! He was there for the rule of law, armed with the judgement.

But the word “court” gave birth to the word “courtesy”, yet our officer from court showed no courtesy, none in the least!

The Commissioner of Police, who on the advise of the DPP in Lagos halted the wheel of justice from advancing Sylvester Omoroni’s cause, and denied his spirit, “Justice”, the only thing he hoped for in death, robbing his living love ones the process of healing that would have come with fair hearing whatever the outcome!

He is now the same person who must see to it that Magodo gate is opened for justice to walk on!

Our country has become a huge theatre, Nollywood is our living reality, we have rebranded democracy, the world is held spellbound, nations are glued expecting another comic of an interview from the Villa, President Muhammadu Buhari is the world most celebrated “sit down comedian” today. “Dramaocracy” we daily watch of our leaders.

Supervised banditry is not left to Sheikh Gumi, with presidency turning the other way, their eyes through the DSS caught Bishop Matthew Kukah making anti-Buhari statement, he must come to explain himself. But Gumi is free, with no explanation to offer, he’s possibly on his way to check on injured bandits and give them medical assistance.

With the supervisory grace from the ministry of Justice and oversight function of Abubakar Malami SAN as the Anthoney General of the Federation, our laws have become “bandits” that breaks into Judges’ Quarters at the whims of the Executives and our courts brothels where justice serves as prostitute on short time to satisfy the urge of the men in power.

Justice is now a matter of money for hand, back for ground! Shall we continue to watch helplessly the absurdity of the state of our nation?