Apostolic Round Table 2023: One Man has come and gone, the success story of ART is told on the streets. For humility, the sacrifice of success is not often told and proteges are left to struggle sometimes unduly when finding their path. Our eyes are on the next programme, Image-Nation but let’s reflect on some of the sacrifices while soliciting your support and partnership.

The system and the street run side by side in Lagos. Recently at Cele express, a yellow bus plying one way caused a fatal accident, as the utility truck carrying a container in a bid to avoid the bus fell. Lagos is a street run system. The ban on street carnivals by Fashola has been unofficially lifted because area boys are needed for mission 2023. The dedicated BRT lane has more yellow buses running on it than the BRT buses and woe betide you if you follow them. Election fever has tilted the law, what is sauce for the geese is grain for the gander.

In preparation for ART, our Team member who is in Charge of Finance had gone online to check an apartment facility she had used before and finding the name and number of the agent who attended to her the last time, she dialed and a deal was struck, payment done, visit made by the Team and the agent was there with the guy who owns the place, he left the team to the agent. It was time to check in and the owner told us the agent is no longer a staff and that the money sent to his account had not reached him. With our guest from Gombe, Kaduna and other far Northern states on ground, we were under duress to make another payment and we did. In hope that the agent and the owner will sort themselves. We returned after the programme on Tuesday and unable to do any transfer from my account, we were assured that the money will be paid given that the money with the agent and the refundable deposit made to the owner is almost double what our commitment should be for the night. Alas in the middle of the night the power in the apartment was switched off, water shut down. I woke up to this agony at few minutes to 1:00am. Determined to have it arrested, I started off to make online payment, tried and tried for two hours without success! By past 3:00am, I decided it was time to use the ATM option to transfer or withdraw, unfortunately, I don’t use card, so I had to go out to use my finger print. In company of Ademola Adeoye our IT guru who was on the wheel and Gboyega Omo Johnson, an Islander and custodian of the LAGOSIANS; a movement of Leaders After God’s Own Spirit Initiating A New State.

I was driven through the beautiful Christmas decorations street of Ajose Adeogun, an ambience that reminded me of a beautiful departed angel, Ibidunni Ighodalo whose spirit for excellence the street is relieving. Truth is, our strides and toil in time will be erased and our legacy eroded if we won’t get concerned about the system feeding us as individuals. It is only a matter of time if nothing is done to restore a working system, all will be eroded into oblivion!

We went from GTB to GTB until we were fortunate to meet a bank security man with information; who told us the finger print was down in all their branches nationwide! We went back to the apartment, Gboyega did the magic, he spoke to the beast in business who was holding us to ransom and he put on the light and restored the lights just in time for our Guests to clean up and pack their bags to leave at 6:30am to catch their flights!

By 8:00am I was on the counter of a branch of GTB in company of Gboyega, the cashier reminded me. You have a limit of 500k weekly. Who would want to take 500k on the counter in our cashless economy if the online banking platforms are working. Grapevine has it that the challenge of online banking is the consequence of ‘Japa’ Syndrome. I understand there is a WhatsApp group with the name former staff of GTB bank in UK. If we all have to japa to solve personal problem, who will stay back to confront the national need for nation building?

We hold the mandate to lead our collective mission to nation building. Our next programme, Image-Nation is conceived to be a National Assembly of the Nigerian people; The Blue Chamber.

Blue is the color of love, of wings spread in Imagination to birth a new nation!

Our Legislators to the Green and Red Chambers must be drawn in love across all dividing line in LOVE! Tribes and tongues must be united and the cross and the crescent must for humanity work together to build the greatest nation the world is waiting for.

Green speaks of a new beginning, of growth and the productivity it must birth.

Red speaks of Sacrifice, courage and justice!

A new Nigeria can only be birthed in the chambers of the National Assembly.

Our Senators and House or Reps Members are far more important than who becomes the President in the dynamics needed to reset Nigeria!

Legislative Revolution Network, LRN is the only way to make it possible.

Be Honourable! Join us at the Blue Chamber for Image-Nation.

Call me and let’s do it together again!

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi is an Apostle and Nation Builder. President, Voice Of His Word Ministries and Convener Apostolic Round Table.