The title of this article was the conclusion of my immediate reaction to the news of the Supreme Court ruling on the appeal filed by Atiku and his PDP and Obi and his Labour party.

A people as it is commonly said deserves the leadership they get, I would rather say the leaders their nature throws up. Let’s go scientific at establishing this!

Probability means possibility, particularly of occurrence. It is a branch of mathematics that deals with the ooccurrences of random events. Probability was introduced in Mathematics to predict how likely events are to happen.

The meaning of probability is basically the extent to which something is likely to happen. This is the basic probability theory, which is also used in the probability distribution, where you will learn the possibility of outcomes for a random experiment. To find the probability of a single event to occur, first, we should know the total number of possible outcomes.

If the theory of probability is based on the nature of our citizenship and not the leadership need of our nation, the probability that Tinubu will be thrown up as our President in 2027 again is high, very high!

That for me is our confrontation!

The power that be, are ordained of God, ordination is a divine privilege. Selection and election are human processes that present the elected or selected for ordination. INEC and the Judiciary are our national institutes of priesthood for leadership ordination.

Who among the candidates in the last election do we really deserve as a people? A fantastically corrupt nation, with her “spiritistically” corruption priesthood very well deserves a “cokastically” corrupt President!

Our human system as a nation has “electedly” selected Tinubu for ordination, only God can stop a candidate who dribbled us all through our docility during the process! The probability of rejecting him after the supreme court ruling. I have not been able to process.

A picture of the President has surfaced online #TinubunotmyPresident. But like it or not, legitimacy is what the supreme court conferred on BAT’s Administration! This will be a lengthy read, I hope you stay through and it makes sense.

Now that Tinubu is our President, what’s next?

I am perceived by many as someone that the President does listen to, this is because of two coincidental events, I use the word coincidental because I don’t want to fool myself that the President has the time to peruse my bla bla blu criticism of him. Undoubtedly, he once read my article halfway, that much of information was let out by Steve Akoni in his rejoinder to my article; “The fall of an emperor at Lekki Toll Gate.”

Back to the coincidences; the first was my intervention on the appointment of the Chief Medical Director of the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Ile Ife, Osun State South West Nigeria. The acting surely slated for confirmation was dropped and the best based on their pre-appointment tests performances was announced. The second was the withdrawal of Imam’s appointment as Chairman of FERMA Board, hours after my article on Imam being a feeding bottle engineer was published, titled; “Institution Tinubu; Oyedepo and the destruction of Nigeria.”

The need to answer the question I raised on my Facebook and to pretend that the President do read and take my suggestions is why this piece is written.

Tinubu raced against the wind in the last election owing to many reasons. The change mantra and the failed expectations of Nigeria for it by APC made changing the changers an innate desire of every reasonable Nigerian. But the nation and her leadership can only respond to the changes that has occurred in us as a people!

In the forefront of building the APC brand in 2015 was a conspicuous Bola Ahmed Tinubu. It is just natural that the baggage of APC failed expectations will rub off on his brand as the candidate of APC after 8 woeful years of Buhari led Administration!

The attack on the Judiciary didn’t spare the present CJN. He was saved by the law of leadership probability in the context of Nigeria for the day we are! Corruption ended up like an acted script to pave the way for a leadership that will be disposed to whatever arrangement APC will find convenient for its continuity in power!

The manner in which INEC, led by Buhari’s appointee, Yakubu, conducted the last election further discredited the party in power. The promise made in the day was contravened at night!

The failure to upload results on I-REV is a sad note on the record of election 2023 and Mahmood Yakubu, as a Professor bears witness of the probability at work in our appointments to leadership!

The opposition however were far from matching APC in the race to the Villa.

Politics is a game of numbers. Let me add, it is a strategic war, fought through words. Knowing what to say, where not to say it, how to say it and who to say it to, are very important at winning a political contest; call it strategic communications. Comedy could be a means of getting your word across, and much of that was served by the APC microphone licking candidate. While Atiku was talking to the North what he will do for them and to us in the South, what we wanted to hear. Obi was talking to everyone at its usual elite level, leaving the demography of our illiterate voters out of his capturing. Obi elitist appeal gave him the days on the blue street, with little structure on the actual streets leading to lack of coordination of his teeming supporters who were no doubt in the majority on election day at least in Lagos State where I officially observed election on behalf of INEC but were intimidated by fewer thugs of the Party with street structure!

Tinubu talked to the ordinary Northerners, sat with their elites and brokered a Muslim/Muslim deal. Satisfied with the North West buy in, he picked his Vice from the North East. He killed two political birds with one strategic stone. He told the South West it was their turn and swept off the “trabalists” amongst us. Leaving daring nationalists like myself to be tagged “Omo ale”, bastard! He left his paid voices on the internet with us not to win our votes but work our emotions and douse our voices by consistently providing 2nd opinion to issues we were raising. The crew of Bayo Onanuga did a bad PR job but an excellent job in propaganda!

PDP as usual allowed the same card of its being divided from inside. Atiku gave his ear to people who were planted around him and this gave Wike and Makinde all the room needed to make good their assignments!

There is no such thing as an irreconciliable difference in politics! But that has become a PDP family tradition. I only hope that the PDP has learnt their lessons. On this, Bode George is with me. But I am not with him on the need to study Supreme Court judgement before congratulating BAT. Is saying congratulations an exam to be studied for? Anyway, I doubt if PDP will not become what Tinubu has made of them in Lagos under Bode George supervision; a bully dog that barks without biting every four, four years!

The labour party is not a structure worthy of being called a national POLITICAL party in Nigeria. But all thanks to Nigerian youths who as Obidient movement, were conscripted into the party by circumstances of their yearnings for #EndSARS and a better future. In the movement were determined youths screaming their desires and spending their time and money to advance Obi’s ideology; from consumption to production!

On the driving seats of the Labour party however, were union traders and investors activists who had mastered the art and act of political consumption without productivity!

I wrote at least 3 objective articles on the gaps noticed in the Labour party that may prove costly at the election for which I got criticized by the Obidients! They turned out to be as costly as I envisaged. The exposure of elements within INEC by my pen who might be working for APC was attended to legally by LP and Gbadebo. Hence the conspiracy with MC Oluomo led Team was frustrated by the same judiciary we failed to supply convincing evidence to for a victory turnover at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal and at the Supreme Court. Sensing a needless tribal bigotry, I moved to save the Igbo from being attacked and for Lagosians to see that if nativity is their interest then the choice was between Jardon and Gbadebo, and not the “Jebusite” claiming to be a Lagosian and fanning the ember of bigotry to achieve his aim at all costs, but my jingles in Awori, Ogu and Yoruba came too late to make any meaningful impact at stopping our election day war in Lagos.

A Judiciary like ours would only be helped to voice their conscience by providing overwhelming evidence, but we overwhelmed the court with materials and not evidence!

Political transactions and earnings were more important to the confluence of intellectuals who gathered under the big tent of Obi, mining treasures from his influence in the diaspora!

At twist and turn to seize the streets, we were gentle like Obi and threaded in civility against criminality. Till the high Priest of our constitution pronounced holy what we had was termed an abomination!

The noisy side, someone said is the victorious side. How come we heard no noise of victory from the supreme court?

The opposition failed again to activate the people at the nick of time to register this judicial victory as a democratic fluke!

Those who weren’t strategic enough to know what to do at protecting our electioneering process from the Hawks that hijacked it. Gullible, timid and uninspiring to provide needed leadership to have our votes protected when it matters. They are now calling us out to protect democracy. Is that an after thought?

Please, list your strategies at making the fight for democracy a legitimate one. If you are convincing, I will be the first to step out BEHIND you. If not, rest your liver!

Now that the Supreme Court has declared Tinubu as the elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the only reasonable thing for any Nigerian to do is to join legs in the Journey to escort this government to 2027, if it will get there! Our hands must find everything noble in peaceful and patriotic actions to build a nation we can all be proud of.

This doesn’t mean silence to policies that are inimical to our collective desire to see one big, united and prosperous Nigeria! Or to join Tinubu praise singers.

Time to speak louder against foreseeable pitfalls but act lovingly at putting our hands to the plough of progress! Since Christian Association of Nigeria can’t stand up to her enemies. My legs are on the journey to 2027 and my hands on the plough of International Coalition Against Christian Genocide in Nigeria. Our predominantly Christian community has become victims of foreign Fulani Militia and their ISSI and local terrorism groups conspiracy. My reason for saying capital No, to Muslim/Muslim tickets stares us in the face as close to 500 hundred souls have been killed in Benue State alone in the last 6 months according to reports available in the public space!

In my learning to live with the Muslim/Muslim tickets, I need to send some words of advice to Mr President, Sir, you were before the election, the most powerful Nigerian alive, it paid off positively at turning the table around for you at impossible moments. But it has its side effects. You are before me and the majority of Nigerians, a larger than life image, putting it straight, you are in my perception an above the law personality!

Now that the most powerful Nigerian has become the most powerful President in the world, you must therefore subject yourself to the rule of law to divorce your administration from Buhari’s, to deliberately give credibility to your government as a democratic government; selected or elected!

The call for asset declaration by EFCC Chairman should have been made to you and all elected and appointed stewards of the Nation. All court rulings relating to property disputes involving you, your family, associates and Lagos State Government in particular must be dispensed with! Corruption cases involving members of your Party; APC must take precedence in EFCC investigation, particularly those serving in your cabinet and your Administration, they must be treated without fear or favour.

The image of the Judiciary has been so damaged, particularly in the last 8 years! That it looks like the blindfolded Lady of law is now being led by hand in justice by those who can see, consequently deciding her judgements and hand held her to execute that which concerns their enemies and keeping the judgement of the cronies from the reach of law enforcement agencies!

The fight between DSS officers and Correctional officers at the premises of the court over Emefiele proves my point. The impunity of your boys on the streets of Lagos State must not be allowed to spread to Abuja and the rest of the country!

Sir, I will serve you for free, thoughts of friends that represent different sessions of the public, since Ajuri Ngelale and your many media assistants are already disconnected from everyday Nigerian. My friend Ololade David has this to say; “it’s time for Bola Ahmed Tinubu to prove WE his CRITICS wrong. Will he be able to do that? I am not sure!

Sir, the reality of your Presidency is yet to done on many. Amaka Oforbuike representing this class of Nigerians said; He is not my President. To her, I said, she doesn’t have to accept your Presidency, that the implementation of Supreme Court ruling has confered on you the legitimacy of being our President till 2027.

Sir, it is left to you to force yourself on us as our president or make yourself our president.

Sir, let me give you reports of two influential women in my hood. Iya Tawa was your foot soldier she went everywhere preaching the Gospel of “awa lokan”, she visited my wife the day after the supreme court ruling to complain of untold hardship, she’s hopeful not of a better life but of supply of your parlatives, which according to her, party leaders are hoarding it!

Iya Eleja, voted for you. She is a hub of life for families within my area, this influential grandmother in her late sixties/early seventies who can’t read or write is prepared to japa! When I asked her why? Her reason was pathetic, the goods she paid for in the morning could not be collected in the afternoon because your Naira somersaulted so badly against dollars, the currency of import transaction that she had to add 20% of the total sum before her already bought goods could be released to her!

A BATist with whom my friendship was put to the test because of my position against your candidacy, Samuel Segun Soyombo, said, the next thing is to come together ¬≤and make Nigeria great. His government should be kept engaged and must be put on its toes for effectiveness and efficiency”.

Around you are praise singers, who do not want your leg lifted so much so of us keeping you on your toes!

You will do well to distance yourself from praise singers and keep close to you those whose hands are open to work with all to make Nigeria great again.

Mr President, it is important I close with this, be ready for the nuisance of people like me. We are no threat to you. Only be magnanimous enough to respond to our cry and criticisms objectively!

We may be doubtful of the success of this administration, but yours is to double your assurance to us that Nigeria hasn’t made a mistake for having you as our president at this critical make or mar point of our history. As men and women of faith we can’t but wish you well and pledge our energy to anything lofty and laudable which are sincerely geared towards nation building!

May you not be punitive, but in essence be the President we deserve. Congratulations Mr President!