Life of course is a journey with several travellers, there are individuals who go alone, we call them lone rangers. Others are rallying points, people just love to be around them consciously or unconsciously investing their time, personality and resources in journey with them.
Nevertheless there are life’s journeys that are necessarily corporate, trips in life that we are compelled to take with others. Every trip must have a point where it terminates, in travel terms, it is called destination. Destination interestingly is from the word destiny, meaning, life as a concept is a journey to destiny; the point at which life happens. A Journey is not limited to locational movement, it also applies to positional movement, that is the movement of a person or group in status.
Transportation system is of essence when a journey is desirable, which could be by land, air or water, the choice of this is often informed by distance. Persons and groups must choose means of transportation, whichever means, once it is in group, a leader is needed; in air travel, a pilot it is, and they are called captains (pilot in command); when group trips are made on water, the sailor is also the captain. Land trips are made with leaders called drivers. They lead in the most dangerous trip one could make in Nigeria because of very many factors, which include; poor regulation of the sector; the roads, the drivers and vehicles. The insecurity of the country has added to the risk of road trips in Nigeria. Beyond the fact that most of the persons who find themselves behind wheels are illiterates, they ply our road completely ignorant of what road signs are communicating, are the greater risk of industries of banditry, kidnapping and terrorism that is thriving under the APC led administration of Muhammadu Buhari.
In a recent article, I forewarned Iyorchia Ayu the newly appointed PDP national Chairman of the challenges before him on the road trip of his party to 2023 bearing in mind the accidented nature of his vehicle.
Skill is of essence in driving, I have been driven by very many Drivers but two I will single out for the similarities in approach and ego expression for the purpose of this writing. One was good, so good the church I first served nicknamed him Holy Ghost driver, he could sustain his speed and make a corner without you feeling it, but he had a pride, he can’t manage any damage whatsoever, the vehicle must be new at all time. He was tall, could height be his advantage? So I thought until I met Oga Joe, he was shorter than an average adult, way below 5ft. One thing they both had in common was their consciousness for safety, vital signs they both will take care of their vehicles. Once seated on the wheel they will check their side mirrors, as for speed they both are a thrill to me. On the trip, they will never eat nor drink until they park. They drive like spirits, they got me used to night trips. Oga Joe however is not as concerned about the body of the vehicle, he can’t manage tyre, he checks shocks absorbers arm suspension, headlights and engine, once these are ok, he is good to go. He is so religious about it, he once told me he will not drive me on a particular trip from Lagos to Dutse except I buy 4 new tyres. I had no choice. Joe has one ability, he can meander through potholes like they aren’t there, how he does that is still a mystery to me.
Damage to PDP’s vehicle notwithstanding, the influx of Aspirants into the party could only signify one thing, hope in her by those who have chosen to run for tickets on her platform.
Oga Ayu, must take a lesson from both the Holy Ghost driver and Oga Joe; he must check his inner and side mirrors regularly to remind himself of things at the back that caused accident that resulted in the state of the vehicle to avoid same, he must watch out for APC’s mammy wagon that is struggling the road with its rickety commuter bus, further damage must be avoided.
He must be as skillfull as Oga Joe at meandering through pot holes, how he does to the obvious pot hole like the Ekiti congress that held last Saturday will go along way at assuring Nigerians if indeed PDP transport should be our choice moving to 2023 and beyond in hope of A New Nigeria. Allowing party bandits to get away with the impunity witnessed during the Congress will spell doom for the party. Kidnapping the wishes of the people to have ransom of power is what has brought us here. Ayu must not tolerate political “terrorists” and their illegalities in the name of party leader. Allegation of bribery of party officials must be investigated, corruption was the stone APC hung on the party on the way to 2015 to drown it. It must be frowned at by Ayu-led leadership of the party if only to say we are not who they say we are.
The desperation for positional movement was too obvious in our corporate journey to 2015. APC saw it and exploited same, they promised change and without bothering to ask if it is a progressive change or retrogressive change we all rushed on the bandwagon. Righteousness the Holy book says exalts a nation, the simplest way party can know the best aspirant is in their submission to party rules and ethical standard. Same applies to all of us in hope of a better and greater Nigeria, keep watch on all political parties. Those who will rig an Aspirant to become their Candidate only have one way of winning an election; rigging. The burden of righteousness which we crave for is hanging on Iyorchia Ayu PDP leadership.