Dear Dr Bolaji, let me congratulate you on the success of your Green Shift program. It was huge. I have been reading in the social media about the fact that one of your speakers was barred from speaking about certain areas of experience, that she had garnered over time. I know it was worrisome to you. Our repository in terms of life’s adaptations must be borne out of our varied experiences as we sojourn on this earth, so filled with unpredictability. Exigencies and contingencies. Man is nothing but a vapour you know! True! yet so infinitesimal an assertion.

Having said that let me begin to point out my observations please. Now if I please or tease posterity will question me. I saw the injunction by one magistrate Njideka Duru of the same extraction with Snow White. Yes, that’s just by the way. Justice respects no creed..race nor colour. Except when it is lost in the street, then it restrains equity from entering. 

The injunction was worrisome. Yes in the sense that it seemed Draconian. Like I said before, our experiences in life is the warehouse we draw from to do life’s adaptations. Why will the justice system of Nigeria do that? Upon what premise? Upon what Judicial well of precedence did NJIDEKA DURU draw from? That’s okay. I love our judiciary. There are checks and balances. The NJC is ever capable. It will draw from a well of justice. Ok let’s move on…by the way that injunction was from FFK most respected and revered. I make bold to say that FFK always gave me hope about Nigeria..For me he was my fighter. Yes he was! I lost faith in the hobnobbing with the very enemies of ours. Enemies not like sworn pe se, but ideological enemies! Yes, so he began pussyfooting in the corridors of justice. This was not okay for me. Though I believe men miss it sometimes in life. But I don’t believe in regrets. I don’t regret. I take responsibility. Regrets takes me backwards and I believe that he fell into the political compliments of a selected few. Its a game plan well concucted against an individual. Deliberate planned and sustained. Then it turns out as an unmarked grave…men fall in no matter their status not knowing. Would I still believe FFK…YES! Though he seemed to be relatively withdrawn from the media and he is as calm as cucumber, I believe that soon he will be back with venom. Good! Having said that I need you to understand the state of a man’s mind. The Fraudian theory of Psychoanalysis will do us good. 

The reason of our behaviours. FFK must have reasons for his behaviour. You should ask and say what is it that is making a man so bitter towards a woman to the point he is instituting cases everywhere against her to the point where he now wants to stifle her speech? Why would a man who has been blessed by a woman with four male kids if I am correct. If wrong correct me please. Why? Qui bono? What’s going on? Well he knows better. Yet the deepest darkness of wrong in family life will bow at the feet of children! Once children are involved then it takes a dimension so different. I am trying to be as simple as my mental faculties may carry me, so you guys should pardon me. When the bottom of a marriage has dropped, when prevailing circumstances make it irretrievable then it is dissolved! Yet we still try until a decree nisi! Now even at that peace should reign! Assuming the marriage was dissolved by way of infidelity, peace should still reign between parties though apart. Do you know why? Because children are involved.

My experience was a tortuous one before my divorce. Those who know me will tell you. She had abandoned the kids. Prodigality was her game. She hated my poverty even when I worshipped her! Hummm! So she left. When she did, I got blessed. My life changed and all the money she would have needed I now had! Alas I met her at a function and my heart melted at her condition. Therefore, within the crevices of my heart I erased her wickedness and blessed with six digits of naira! Do you know why? Because she had kids for me. Lovely kids. I am grateful to her. When my kids heard what I did, they loved me more! My case may not tally with FFK yet we can draw out from this warehouse of experience. 

So you can see that FFK as a human being has alot to think yet it should not be detrimental to the core values of family life, where kids are involved. No matter what, restraint should apply. 

What will FFK gain in the death of SNOW WHITE CHIKWENDO? Where is the love that was pronounced and performed before? Hummm! now I can imagine what she must be going through emotionally. She is fighting depression, her right to life is stuffed by fear, with the level of damage done by way of social media how can she be free again? Then I ask if this little girl slumps and dies what will the children say? Precious is a child of destiny! She is hewned for a greater tomorrow! Tomorrow is very pregnant. Caution! 

The Green Shift was a platform for her to showcase her talent and she did awesomely well. Articulate and precise. She toggled from mainstream politics to church negligence of political education. She roared like the lioness that she is. She scored a bull’s eye! But why will FFK marry Snow White? One reason is that, she is brilliant. After her delivery I approached her robustly. We had a jaw-jaw that stunned me! Beauty and brains! Yes she is got it! Only such can be FFK SPEC! So why will he not let her shine? Why? Oh yeah he wants to protect the kids from her verbal venom maybe at the conference bah?. But that didn’t need an injunction. I believe FFK would have put a call to BA and humbly ask for directions she should go with her presentation. All these flexing of muscles were of no relevance. Men ought not to flex their muscles in pride and arrogance. Men ought not to use their God given power to oppress the poor. Afterall it still happened that way. Men must live to make men heave a sigh by their understanding of what life is about. In life, you are up today and by tomorrow you are down. Let me borrow from an Ibo former administrator of the East Central State, UKPABI ASIKA! For him NO CONDITION IS PERMANENT.

This is where BA is not happy! Precious Chikwendu is an orphan like I found out..that begs for sympathy. She should have her freedom. When men begin to decay they will not remember anything! Their lives are filled with REGRETS. God made it so unto all men. Man like I said is a vapour! Think! 

Precious must be allowed to live her dreams. She is a young woman! She must not be marginalized! When there is too much dirt in the soup the blind man will see it.

So many people are fanning the embers of this and it should stop. Refrain from anger and give peace a chance. 

For BA it is your duty to, no matter how hurt FFK is over this SNOW that is WHITE calm him down. 

THE SNOW WHITE I met is beyond comprehension! 

Within the labyrinth of a few studs she excelled as a woman of substance. It is time to put back our swords. Let hate be destroyed and let love reign. I yearn, for the day when the world will wake up and hear FFK say.. hey look guys come! SNOW WHITE..I no longer will beat you up with court cases..No! Today I set you free! Because I love my kids. Animosity should be extinct where love rules! Precious I charge you on this..Rule over your fears. 

Let Regina be a peacemaker and keep her home. Restrain politely your husband and lead him to the path of peace! 

Let all these fanners of the embers of this occasion stay away! Let FFK say I forgive you mother of my children! Go and sin no more. Would he not be a hero and role model? BA, let’s get this out of the media. Only foolish people discuss their personal lives in social media. I heard you are writing a book. Books are good but this time I will instruct you to refrain. Suspend the book as a token of your usual respect for me! We will get past this one soon! Follow peace with all men.

Follow peace with FFK!

Follow peace with PRECIOUS!

Follow peace with Regina FFK!