“I do not know this Bolaji Akinyemi that every one confuses with our well respected statesman Prof. Bolaji A. Akinyemi, the former Minister of External Affairs who was in my house last Saturday to fellowship with me”.
– Pastor Tunde Bakare. 


Those are excerpts from a comment made by Pastor Tunde Bakare (PTB) in his response to Rev Aboderin. I’m somewhat getting used to the class breaker that my person has become to the aristocratic caucus of the Nigerian political elites. In response to my article, “Bola Ahmed Tinubu; The Fall Of An Emperor At Lekki Toll Gate”, Steve Akoni, in his rejoinder revealed the bewilderment of himself and the Asiwaju about the identity of this Bolaji Oluwayanmife Akinyemi, who was mistaken for the respected Professor Akinwande Bolaji Akinyemi. Prof of course has paid his dues and earned his name, and does not deserve to be pushed to make a video that flipped his name to Akinwande Bolaji Akinyemi. But this Bolaji Oluwayanmife Akinyemi has come to stay!


I am not out to earn a name from this mission nor his name, I have lurked in the shadows of his name for years, if destiny has chosen to throw me up at this time, who am I not live up to it? One thing is clear, I am commissioned by God for a change of order and the generation presiding over the order I’m mandated to change will not in any way find me friendly!


Professor Bolaji Akinwande Akinyemi is among the very few outstanding men of honour in the generation that one of them, Professor Wole Soyinka in frustration of what his peers who got into leadership positions made out of the country termed, a wasted generation!


As Bolaji Oluwayanmife Akinyemi, I represent the energy of a generation sent to initiate a new nation, a daring divine delegation desirous of a change of order. The coincidence of name not withstanding, do the content of my writings give me away for someone from among them?


God of course is not an author of confusion, and never will He be. There is absolutely no confusion in God!


I have known PTB from a distance, please, permit me for the purpose of this writing to refer to him as “that Pastor Tunde Bakare”, this is so because my knowledge of him was at best, a pointing finger.


A lot of friends who like him and others who have been victims of my caustic pen are at best insane with my writing, and I can understand their anger. Beyond the things I write is the generation I represent. Several have called to warn, others have cut off relationship with me, some, daily comment on their social media handles in proverbs, like we care!


But then, came a call from a Kingdom Ambassador, Rev David Aboderin, for his words, love and commitment to the church, he needed me to see PTB. One of Yoruba nation’s rules of engagement states; “o peni ni fi ni se ola” meaning: ‘the one who calls needs to be honoured’.


Of course, I reasoned, “we know in part and we prophesy in part”, it is important that everyone with a part must come forward with it, the plan of God is like a big jig-saw puzzle!


 To no individual has God ever delivered the totality of his plan. There is no harm in placing our puzzle right beside others to see where what we hold fits.


Pastor Bakare has been damn too assertive about God’s vision to him for Nigeria for my liking, and I do have my right to that. But when I called my team and told them of the opportunity to meet with PTB, we dummied the meeting, and concluded it wasn’t going to be a walk away. Reason, my team pinned me down to what I accused PTB of, assertiveness!


Two warriors of a kind were about to meet and we better prepare for what may follow, PTB’s emotional intelligence saved the day, we were confronted with a man who towered above the behavioural reactions an average aristocrat will flaunt given the same situation. We met a man of God indeed!


The appointment was for 1pm, exactly to time we arrived, at the gate, a magnificently imposing structure, confronted our gaze, The Citadel Global Community Church, graven in concrete atop and in front of the masterpiece of an edifice. We were distracted by the security, from the tower of amusement we were approaching. With protocol observed, we were led to an expansive lobby where Rev. Aboderin was waiting to receive me and led me to the dinning where PTB was, a chair he said has been reserved for me, “you mean PTB agreed to sit with me at a meal table”, yes! But I never told them I will be coming with other persons. I respectfully and wisely declined to join the table, it is my personal policy, not to meet anyone who is interested in the 2023 alone!


My first meeting with Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa was in company of my team. Recently, a Presidential hopeful who came in from Germany had to make do with seeing one of our officers because he requested to see me, but could not dignify my minimum requirement, you can’t see me alone. I am not a politician, I am a kingdom ambassador in the space of politics.


I have seen betrayal by leadership on missions such as ours and have decided the people I’m leading will always with me, have representatives. Apostolic Round Table was represented by a Reverend gentleman from one of our many partnering networks, the General Secretary of African Association of Christian Counselors. Project Victory Call Initiative, a.k.a PVC Naija was represented by a young Nigerian, the Convener of Win9geria, who is the signature of goodness everywhere.


We were led to a room where we were received by as “assertive” as I would not want him to be PTB, perception dissolves in the humility and humour with which the lion approached us. Choosing his words and making his point without showing emotions, “that Pastor Tunde Bakare” from a distance was face to face with “this Bolaji O. Akinyemi” in the same room.


 Of the meeting, I was sure of one thing, on both sides the kingdom won. The mating of great minds must always birth ideas, like Rachel in her barrenness held Jacob and cried give me a son or I die! Ours was the womb in which lies the eggs for a better and greater Nigeria. Our cries for many years in the public to see a new Nigeria got attended to!


We were impregnated by the statement “In 2023, I will not be contesting election, I will be conducting election!” That’s a word from beyond the realm of knowledge. PTB in his comments about me to Rev Aboderin, said “It is unfortunate that knowledgeable men sometimes betray their perceived esteemed position in society”. Truth be told his drop about conducting election is beyond the realm of knowledge and public betrayal of an Hebrew should be understood, but to the Hebrew if they faint not, nations shall turned in their moment of confusion for counsel.


Gen 14:13 (KJV) And there came one that had escaped, and told Abram the Hebrew; for he dwelt in the plain of Mamre the Amorite, brother of Eshcol, and brother of Aner: and these were confederates with Abram.


A Hebrew, is someone from beyond, PTB is from beyond the realm of knowledge, how can a man standing on the pedestal of the spirit expect understanding from people running in knowledge. Before the Hebrew we sat in consciousness of his need to see that his brothers have been taken captive.


PTB further said; “How I wish that such people as this Bolaji Akinyemi will listen to the whole message instead of the edited version that suits their fancy. We didn’t just listen to the message, we met, heard, and felt the Messenger!


“I do not know this Bolaji Akinyemi that every one confuses with our well respected statesman, Prof. Bolaji A. Akinyemi, the former Minister of External Affairs”. Pastor Bakare dignified our presence with him, put a call through to Professor Akinwande Bolaji Akinyemi, to let him know that, the Bolaji Akinyemi whose pen has troubled his identity, was right before him. Now our masquerade has left the market square for the dance of kings in palaces!


PTB had prophesied in his short written note to Rev Aboderin; “I do not join issues with such people. Someday he will understand that he is kicking against the pricks. May he be saved like Saul of Tarsus, IJMN, Amen”.


That day of which he spoke happened so fast, indeed I now understand that I am the prick against whom no one should kick on this all important mission of the kingdom for a change of order! I can’t thank PTB enough for not kicking this prick sent to sting consciences of the church and her nation!


PTB is a victim of circumstances, he, more than any other mortal is the reason PMB is President today. I hope he gets what that implies; the burden that PMB has become to Nigeria, he must accept the responsibility to bear. The anger he witnessed from me and many others are transferred, what is meant for PMB is hung on his friend from our kingdom on whose honour the church gave PMB a chance. May grace be given him of the Lord to bear it through.


Communication is the strength of every relationship, what PTB knows of Buhari by access and privilege, Nigerians are unfortunately forced to interpret by the rhythm from Buhari’s body language. The meeting afforded us the opportunity to view closely a man we have concluded was a politician as a Prophet whose vision we may not understand at one meeting, but we are no doubt convinced he is holding to something beyond the ordinary. To PTB, if I hit at you again sir, it will be because Buhari reminded us that you brought him to power through his annoying below expectations performance!