On his arrival on a visit to Tony Elumelu, Bola Ahmed Tinubu was greeted excitedly by his host, who simply echoed a common phrase; “the last man standing”! The visitor, in a not less exciting manner responded; still standing!

Bola Ahmed Tinubu was introduced to the nation in the wake of our struggle for Democracy from the military.

A politically combustible period between 1993-1999. That ended with “Militocracy”; a government of the people by the military for the military, as Babangida and his military cohorts activated and supervised the emergence of Olusegun Obasanjo as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

The influence of the retired military components will from that moment determine the life of PDP and of course the nation it was meant to administer!

The phrase “last man standing” refers to the sole survivor of a battle, when everyone else has fallen!

It was made popular in Nigeria by the political situation that saw all old political structures fallen to PDP political conquest post 1999!

They either give way for the PDP or become extinct as the PDP flaunted itself in those days as the biggest political party in Africa and ready to collapse the structures of other parties into it’s fold while those other parties had only the hope of a piece of the National cake!

The President being the National Leader of the party at that time, Dr Olusegun Obasanjo was a military war strategist and this was brought to bear in his dealings with the opposition. Bola Ahmed Tinubu was the only lucky survivor of a strategy that sucked all others into the ruling party!

If Obasanjo succeeded as a military strategist in the space of politics, Tinubu survived as a political tactician and strategist against a brutal invasion of political space by retired men of force!

From the ruins suffered by democrats and the remnants of their remains Tinubu built back the political force that will uproot the military’s tentacles in power using one of their own; Muhammadu Buhari!

1993 to 2023 was a revealing period of an ancient prophecy against democracy, coming from no less a person than the man modern phylosophy owes so much to:
“Democracy must fall because it will try to tailor to everyone. The poor will want the wealth of the rich, and democracy will give it to them. Young people will want to be respected as elderly and democracy will give it to them. Women will want to be like men and democracy will give it to them Foreigners will want the rights of the natives and democracy will give it to them. Thieves and fraudsters will want important government functions, and democracy will give it to them. And at that time, when thieves and fraudsters finally democratically take authority because criminals and evil doers want power, there will be worse dictatorship than in the time of any monarchy or oligarchy.” Socrates (470-399 b.c.)

Standing in a fall but seated at the pinnacle of our political pyramid is a spall of our process. Will this Petros become the foundation from which a new Nigeria will emerge? Or are we to seek for the Petra a mass of a foundation fitting for the nation we all desire to build and start building?

Make no mistakes, “Tinubu ki i se eran riro”, Tinubu is not a soft meat to chew and swallow!

Master at the game of propaganda, friend of Media investors world over can only suffer the damage we have seen on the Social Media so far. His image is still very intact where it matters; politics, locally or on international platform!

But prophecy is here, and Socrates is not, if all our prophets have spoken because they won’t want us to have our turn nor do they like the face of our “Messiah” who desires to stand and rule over a fallen nation with a fallen system then, we, of all men are most miserable!

There comes a time when to truth a people must entrust their future to salvage it!

Nationhood and not economy is the future of this nation. It can never be better for Nigeria until nationhood is found!

Take it from me, this last man standing is far from having capacity to lead us to nationhood. But that unfortunately, is not the problem of the establishment! They will rather have us divided to keep their nests festering.

If Tinubu is standing, it is up to the establishment! In the thoughts of a remnant of nationalist ideologists left on the Nigeria political landscape; “PBT has committed only one single ‘crime’; Fulani feudalism has been dislodged from the political power equation of Nigeria. Of the six top elected office holders;
President, Vice President, Senate President, Speaker, Deputy Senate President, except Deputy Speaker now occupied by South East and deputy senate President by North West to the unfortunate exclusion of the Middle Belt, nay, North Central, the region that has made the highest sacrifice to keep Nigeria together as one.
… Who else if not the indefatigable PBT would have survived the onslaught of the kind of obstacles the feudal hegemons put up against him; yet, they used PBT via APC brand from rousing to power ascendancy!

If the feudalists were altruistic, Osinbajo would have been nurtured to succeed Buhari, but they created an infighting amongst the South West to neutralize them out of power for the likes of Ahmad Lawal and meet their Waterloo in the pig fight with the man for the moment!

… Make no mistake to think that it is about democracy and/or the arduous past of PBT”!

I would love to give the fight for democracy my life or give my life to the fight for democracy, to see the last man down and a new generation of leaders driven towards nationhood in the saddle of leadership. But the question on my mind is, what is the legal process of getting this done, what is the constitutional alternative to what we have?

The Nigerian Military as presently constituted can only produce an intervention that will return the grip on power back to the feudalists and that can only translate to continued oppression of all of us?

The enthronement of political Islam and its attendant violence and terror at the expense of the religion of peace known as Islam is a great concern?

The feudalists do not usually give up on their prey, they are back to hunting in the bid to bring the last man standing down, Gumi is hunting Wike over Abuja Gumi’s narrative as a Southern and a Christian to whose life of Muslims Northern can’t be entrusted. And the establishment headed by Sultan is hunting Tinubu in the most subtle way possible!

How else do you describe the visit of India’s most wanted fugitive for terrorism financing, Zakir Naik to Nigeria!

Who came along with his son, ostensibly to plant him in Nigeria in order to immerse the brand of upheavals of his dad with precision and intensity as antidote to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Whose invitation is the controversial Islamic cleric, who was declared wanted by Indian government for terrorism financing, hate speech, and money laundering honouring in Nigeria. Which of our missions processed his visa and which visa category was he issued; Business, Tourist or Diplomatic?

Dr Zakir Naik, arrived in Nigeria on Monday 30th day of October 2023.
On arrival, it was reported that he took pictures with Immigration and Air Force officials at one of Nigeria’s airports.
He then shared the photographs on his X handle with controversial captions!

In one of the captions, he said: ‘Interaction with Muslim Immigration.’
In another photograph, he tagged it: ‘Interaction with Muslim Air Force.’
Dr Naik also met the Sultan of Sokoto, who is the leader of Muslims in Nigeria.
But Naik, in his caption of a photograph after their meeting, called the Sultan: ‘Head of States.’
Sultan is an Arabic word that means a king or ruler, especially of a Muslim state.
Nigeria’s Sultan of Sokoto is a ceremonial title which doesn’t make him the leader of Sokoto.
But Naik, in a post accompanying the photograph of his meeting with the Sultan, said: “Interaction with the Head of State, Sultan Muhammad Sa’ad Abu Bakar Sultan of Sokoto, Nigeria.”

Zakir Naik is one of the biggest Islamic Clerics in the world, with more than 3.6 million followers on Youtube. By his actions, close to 4 million people who are his followers now see Nigeria as a country headed by the Sultan and our Immigration and Air Force as full fledged Islamic agencies!

According to Times of India, Zakir Naik fled India in the wake of Dhaka cafe blast of July 2016.
The authorities had accused him of spreading hatred, funding terror, and money laundering.
The deadly Dhaka Café terror attack occurred on the night of July 1st, 2016, when five militants took hostages and opened fire on the Holey Artisan Bakery in the Indian town of Gulshan Thana!

They killed 29 persons during the brutal attack.
According to the newspaper, one of the bombers told Bangladeshi investigators that he was influenced by the preaching of Dr Naik through his YouTube channel!

Nigerians must ask questions, Is Tinubu the President and Sultan the head of State? Who between the two of them is the Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces?

What are the details of Naik interaction with those Immigration and Air Force officers?

What was discussed at the meeting between Naik and Sultan?

“Ti sobia o ba di egbo oluganbe laa ke si”, meaning before guinea worm turns to a sore, the cure must be quickly applied!

Was I right when I wrote Muslim/Muslim ticket is a Jihadist Agenda against Christians in Nigeria? Has Tinubu come this far to hand the country over to the Sultan?

Will he have the gut to stand up to the very need of separating his religion from political ideology of violence and terrorism that rubs Islam of its honour of peace in our polity?

Pragmatism must power political protests during this season. The intellectual community must go back to the table to redefine activism!

Like a mind deep in knowledge and experience about this country put it; “this country is in need of fresh, forward-thinking activists who can navigate the complexities of our states and country. We require individuals who possess a neo-colonial perspective, capable of addressing the deep-rooted issues that continue to hinder progress.

These activists must be able to challenge existing power structures, dismantle oppressive systems, and pave the way for a more equitable and inclusive society.

By bringing renewed energy and a commitment to justice, they can lead us towards a future where all citizens can thrive!

These men are the ones who should be standing to help our prostrate country stand and begin the journey to nationhood.
Without them, PTB may be the last man standing to lead Nigeria into dictatorship with their pragmatic activism he may end up taking us to the paradise land of democracy. For now the last man is standing while his nation laid prostrate!