Kukah’s hope and Tinubu’s failure.

By Bolaji O. Akinyemi.

“Neither God Nor History Will Forgive You If You Fail Nigerians As President” Those were the words of Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in his Christmas homily.

The best Christmas sermon for me in recent years has come from the steam hot homily from Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah!

I look forward to it since his arrival in Sokoto State, North West Nigeria.

Kukah, no doubt is a voice for the Christian faith in Nigeria. The Bishop of the “Sultanate” Diocese of Sokoto is a man positioned strategically by fate to see and to say.

It was from his diocese that Deborah was murdered by terrorists of Islamic persuasion on the 12th of May 2022 over alleged blasphemy.

There has been no justice for her even till this moment!

Like Rhoda Jatau a woman recently released on bail for blasphemy for speaking out against the gruesome murder of Deborah, Kukah is an endangered specie of human for being a Christian!

Kukah’s native homeland of Efdom Zagon Kataf Local Government Area of Southern Kaduna is one of the targeted communities in the ongoing genocide particularly of Christians in Nigeria!

Kukah, in a civic and patriotic renewed hope in PBAT presidency, said, “the President has no excuse because, for many years, he had prayed, dreamt, wished and plotted to lead Nigeria.”

In his Christmas message themed, “Time to Reclaim Nigeria’s Greatness,” the cleric said neither God nor history will forgive him (the President) if he fails. But unknown to Kukah was the facts of failure of Tinubu from reclaiming Nigeria why Kukah was charging the nation!

As it will later turn out, Kukah will invariably congratulate the President for the killings of Christians across several communities in Plateau State. Kukah had said:

“Mr. President, Sir, congratulations and a happy Christmas. Now, you have what you prayed for, what you dreamt of, what you longed for. For the better part of over 20 years, you have plotted to be our President. For years, you campaigned for a new Nigeria through restructuring or overhauling the defective machinery of the Nigerian state.”

What Tinubu wanted was unfortunately not what Nigeria needed! The realisation of his dream as the President has become our nightmare!

In the flicker of his light of hope, Kukah seems to scream; “Mr. President, the killings of Nigerians by whatever name must End and End now!

These senseless killings, abductions, extortions, and kidnappings have to End, and the sacredness and sanctity of human life must be restored! Blasphemy laws have no place in a democracy. We are not in a theocracy!”

“Those who take life by whatever means must be fished out and punished. A culture of compensation to victims must be institutionalised and states must take full responsibility while criminals or those who hide them are fished out! We cannot go on this way!

Kukah bore no sentiments of religion against humanity as he declared; “The seeds of hatred that have sprouted in Gaza show us the consequences of allowing a culture of distorted narratives to grow among us.”

Those were the words from the drama of Kukah’s Christmas day demand from the President on Monday the 25th December 2023!

Kukah should count himself lucky that his head was not served on a platter at the request of whoever the “Herod” is, who is excited at gifting mortal lives of others as Christmas gifts since 2011 that the madness started!

Was Kukah screaming in vain? For since the evening of Saturday, the 23rd of December 2023 the killings he was calling on the President to stop now were actually being coordinated in over 23 villages that were under severe attacks!

It was like they waited for The President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to leave Abuja to Lagos for the Christmas!

Arriving at a Jumat Service at the Ansar-ud-deen Mosque in Surulere where it first became a public knowledge that our President was home on HOLIDAY for Christmas!

Our security apparatus and architecture seem to have come to Lagos on holiday with Mr President as none of the security agencies interrupted the killings in the concerned communities!

The fiends had all the time, like there is no need to be in a hurry, no one will come after us, as an alleged viral video said to be taken from the scenes will suggest.

Though intel has proven that the said video is from southern Cameroon where Fulanis are also having a filled day in their expansionist agenda! But no one has denied the carnage and genocidal attacks that took place on the Plateau!

The Cameroon video clip depicts the pattern of fulani herdsmen killing spree; it provides the gory nature of the inhumane as well as the fatalistic and gravely immoral cultural traits of the fulani!

There has been numbed silence, how would you have imagined such carnage was going on, when the footage of video coming out of Jos was that of a man of God and his family and friends making merry; their own Christmas armed with chicken in his hand!

Until the Christians in Nigeria understand that the fight for freedom is a personal fight, those who are business fighters will continue to smile to the bank on top of our heads!

Now that his financier is back in this government as a minister to reward his labours in politics, it indeed call for a dance. I won’t expect him to open his chicken greased mouth to condemed the table set before him on this!

The conspiracy of the media was huge, almost dead silence!

But for Aljazera, it reported over 113 killed, and countless numbers wounded. This genocide took place unchallenged in a country that is not at war!

BBC reported 115 people were killed. However TVC the broadcasting Company belonging to the President reported that over 50 people were killed!

Sadly it took four clear days before the President and our so-called Commander in Chief could gain his consciousness to condemn the massacre and it was during his wining and dining with ALL the 36 states Governors; a political solution to sovereignty questions!

Politics, the President must know, its over!

Eating with Governors is not the way to forge a united country!

Nero indeed fiddles while Rome burns!

In another scene, the Vice President was receiving Chieftaincy title in Ukpor Community in Anambra State when innocent people were being maimed and killed in cold blood and till now I am yet to hear the voice of Czar Ribadu on the Plateau massacre!

Could it be that the President and Vice President were both advised on social political engagement as a solution to Insecurity?

2023 Christmas was Tinubu’s first as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and if Nigerians are thinking along with our President that good lives are made out of beautiful hope, we have been proven wrong!

Life answers to action! Deliberate, informed and stategic action that we are yet to see coming from the Muslim Muslim combination of Tinubu and Shettima!

By the time Tinubu’s first Christmas went down, his silence and inactions can never erase the record that history has taken. No fewer than 180 persons are said to have been killed in bandits’ attacks on 23 villages in Plateau State!

Though Vice President Kashim Shettima is due for Jos about now to convey the condolences of PBT, the internet need bear the record of how our leaders went to sleep on a day they should be awake!

Were they expecting that our insecurity problem were solved because Tinubu is the President?

The first incident in Bokkos LGA was at Mushu Hamlet in the night of Saturday, 23/12/2023 & funeral of 16 victims took place on Sunday, 24/12/2023.

CAN Chairman of Bokkos LGA attended the funeral and details can be configured form him.

Regrettably, the Gov of Plateau State whose Mangu LGA shares boundary with Bokkos LGA never visited the scene nor attended the funeral of the 16 victims; a belated and empathyless mere press statement by his media goons.

On Christmas day, Gov and army helmsman were at Mangu town of the LGA for merriment party with troops, a stone throw from Bokkos town!

The next day, Tuesday, 26/12/2023, the Governor granted a TV interview to channels & jetted to Lagos as part of the 36 State govs that paid homage to PBT. The Chief Security Officer of the people being killed, left them for Christmas partying in Lagos!

The Nigerian army helmsman as GOC 3rd Armoured Division cum Commander of Operation Safe Haven, was in Bokkos town, headquarters of the LGA, for show of ‘force/concern’ on same funeral day of Sunday, 24/12/2023, but, regrettably, the killing spree got worst by night time; spreading across 21 hamlets of Bokkos LGA alone besides the hamlets of neighbouring Mangu and Barkin Ladi LGAs!

As at noontime of Tuesday, 26/12/2023, the number of attacked hamlets of Bokkos LGA was 23 & mass funeral of victims totalled 152!

From Saturday night to Monday night, 152 lives were lost and still counting, scores of villagers were injured by gunshots and/or matchet cuts, valuables burnt, foodstuffs and livestock carted away as booties; all of these in Bokkos LGA besides those of neighbouring LGAs of Mangu and Barkin-Ladi!

PBT issued a press release on Tuesday, 26/12/2023 after a local media man sent him a briefing note. As a result, the visit of the VP is an afterthought briefing of Plateau State Gov in Lagos to PBT!

The attacks left hundreds of people injured, 211 houses burnt and several other properties destroyed!

Areas affected included Ruku, Hurum, Darwat, Mai Yanga Sabo and NTV villages in the Gashish and Ropp districts!

The Transition Committee Chairman of Bokkos Local Government Area, Monday Kassah, confirmed the incident to reporters.

A humanitarian worker who spoke in confidence said they counted over 180 dead bodies from the attacks!

Will God and history indeed forgive Tinubu for fiddling in politics while the Plateau was burning?

God and history, I leave to answer!

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi is the President Voice Of His Word Ministries, Convener Apostolic Round Table and CEO Masterbuilder Communications.